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Week - 328

All in a Day's Work
by _razcalz_
Description: The old MSPPs think the re-draws were a GREAT idea. =)

Week - 329

All in a Day's Work - Valentine's Day!
by _razcalz_
Description: But I wanna read it!

Week - 338

All in a Day's Work
by _razcalz_
Description: Aahhhh! It talks! It talks!

Week - 372

All in a Day's Work - Merry Christmas!
by _razcalz_
Description: It feels like all the fun's gone already.

Week - 379

All in a Day's Work - Valentine's Day!
by _razcalz_
Description: This doesn't look right, does it?

Week - 416

All in a Day's Work
by _razcalz_
Description: Let's hope your Halloween is spookier than Veyle's.

Week - 418

So You Want to Wear that Poet's Hat?
by _razcalz_
Description: We've all seen how cool it would be to have your name resting in bold on top of a hunk of italicized, impressive-looking text.

Week - 423

Who Says it Has to Be a Golden Star?
by _razcalz_
Description: We hear people talk about ornaments all the time...

Also by iluvchocolate_91

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