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Week - 254

by freefalldreams
Description: "You can't do that, Freefall!" I snapped at my owner. "Just getting a pet from the Pound and turning it Mutant..."

Week - 281

The Royal Meridell Garden Party: Part One
by freefalldreams
Description: At that moment, a thick fog closed around us. Geena gasped and grabbed my paw, I shivered, Mel screamed, and the Eyrie calmly announced, "Heading through the mists of time right now; we'll be in Meridell soon!"

Week - 282

The Royal Meridell Garden Party: Part Two
by freefalldreams
Description: Red smiled sweetly. "You'd better put it on," she said in an even sweeter voice, "or you won't be allowed into the garden party..."

Week - 378

Farside Base: Part One
by freefalldreams
Description: I hadn't really thought about it since Karmapa explained his plan, but now it hit me. I was going to the moon! I was going to fly in space!

Week - 379

Farside Base: Part Two
by freefalldreams
Description: "An hour from now, we shall be on the surface of Kreludor!" Karmapa said in a melodramatic voice...

Week - 380

Farside Base: Part Three
by freefalldreams
Description: I was just following Kent out of the room as the view outside the window-wall dissolved into static...

Week - 381

Farside Base: Part Four
by freefalldreams
Description: We were Commander C's outriders on a trip to a canyon just on the other side of the sunset.

Week - 382

Farside Base: Part Five
by freefalldreams
Description: "Tea-drinking traitor, tea-drinking traitor..." the other members of Farside Patrol taunted...

Week - 383

Farside Base: Part Six
by freefalldreams
Description: "Explorer, get off that game and get to the hanger!" Kent shouted at me. I concentrated on dodging Sloth's superweapon...

Week - 384

Farside Base: Part Seven
by freefalldreams
Description: Sloth wasn't expecting us, that much was clear. It was very slightly amusing to see the huge ship slowly turn in answer to our cannon fire...

Week - 385

Farside Base: Part Eight
by freefalldreams
Description: I sat up, to find another surprise. "I'm in sickbay?" I asked, pulling the oxygen mask off my face...

Week - 421

Farside Leader: Part One
by freefalldreams
Description: "Times have changed," I said through gritted teeth. "I'm not the Commander, ok?"

Week - 422

Farside Leader: Part Two
by freefalldreams
Description: "The computer in this blasted thing decided a splashdown would be the safest landing, and look where it chose to splash down! Now get up, before we sink!"

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