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Week - 184

A Novice's Guide to the Ice Cream Machine
by spoonguardonline
Description: I don’t know what it is about it, maybe they use the flying ice cream to hypnotise people, maybe it’s the obsession of seeing a Chia in woollen gloves, but whatever it is, many people are playing as hard as they can at it, and getting nowhere.

Week - 199

A Novice's Guide to Beating the Swarm
by spoonguardonline
Description: There are walls, which you can hide behind, and these protect you from shots. However, hit them nine times, and they’re gone...

Week - 226

The Neopian Investigators: Case of the Missing Neopoint
by spoonguardonline
Description: As he was halfway down the alley, a figure leapt out behind him, and began to follow...

Week - 308

The Meepit Show
by spoonguardonline
Description: Good afternoon, and welcome to the Meepit Show...

Week - 316

The Meepit Show Returns
by spoonguardonline
Description: I'm not going to enjoy the show unless none of the contestants do.

Week - 319

Celebrity Meepit Show
by spoonguardonline
Description: Hello, and welcome to the Meepit Show. My name is Roan...

Week - 321

The Meepit Show Strikes Again
by spoonguardonline
Description: So, we have five contestants today. I have been informed that I need to refer to you by your real names, which is quite disappointing, but I'll try to live with it...

Week - 325

The Meepit Show: The Edge of Nowhere
by spoonguardonline
Description: I think Roan may have lost some of his brain capacity from the transportation...

Week - 330

The Meepit Show Reloaded
by spoonguardonline
Description: Good afternoon, and welcome to the Meepit Show, the show that takes fragile dreams and rearranges them with a sledgehammer...

Week - 331

Brain of Neopia: Part One
by spoonguardonline
Description: He hosted a quiz show, and large numbers of people paid to watch him flounder about on a pedestal, being rude to people...

Week - 332

Brain of Neopia: Part Two
by spoonguardonline
Description: The first round starts tomorrow, he thought. And I don't know anything. But I can't afford to lose. I'll be a laughing stock. Well, even more of a laughing stock...

Week - 333

Brain of Neopia: Part Three
by spoonguardonline
Description: Brilliant, he thought, as he got up. I've only been awake for a few seconds, and that's the second cliché I've used. I need to be careful...

Week - 334

Brain of Neopia: Part Four
by spoonguardonline
Description: "Ladies and gentlemen, we have welcomed our contestants to the arena. Now, the questioning begins in earnest. Would our first contestant, Sulaila, please sit down in the Chair of Questioning?!"

Week - 335

Brain of Neopia: Part Five
by spoonguardonline
Description: "I understand. Why bother? You're clearly going to win. Shall we go and get celebratory smoothies?"

Week - 336

Brain of Neopia: Part Six
by spoonguardonline
Description: It was the next morning. Roan was seated in the lobby. The semi-finals were about to begin. How he had got there was a slight mystery...

Week - 337

Brain of Neopia: Part Seven
by spoonguardonline
Description: It was traditional for at least one contestant to collapse from the pressure, and some would enter the final gibbering nonsense. Once, when the topic was Tyrannian Translations, this system scored full marks...

Week - 338

Brain of Neopia: Part Eight
by spoonguardonline
Description: This seemed to have stumped the champion. He frowned as he concentrated, deep in thought. He seemed to be adding numbers up in his head. "Fifty?" he eventually asked...

Week - 340

by spoonguardonline
Description: Two Grundos in white coats were standing in front of him. One was holding a clipboard. Sloth smiled. Victims.

Week - 345

The Meepit Show Continues
by spoonguardonline
Description: I guess I just got out of the right side of bed this morning. That's always good – I sleep next to a wall...

Week - 347

The Night of Nothing: Part One
by water_park1993
Description: After all, a day where nobody needs to be officially happy about anything is perfect for a place that thrives on fear and misery...

Also by spoonguardonline

Week - 348

The Night of Nothing: Part Two
by water_park1993
Description: That's my chance! Gilly thought, deciding to think something useful for the second time today, a personal record...

Also by spoonguardonline

Week - 349

The Night of Nothing: Part Three
by water_park1993
Description: She waved her hands a few more times. On Bruno's head appeared a witch's hat, followed by a small Dr Sloth figurine, followed by Gilly’s cloak...

Also by spoonguardonline

Week - 350

The Night of Nothing: Part Four
by water_park1993
Description: "Thank you for releasing... what?" The Faerie looked confused. "But you captured me! No blessing for you!" The Faerie tapped Balthazar's nose with her wand, and it burst into flames...

Also by spoonguardonline

Week - 369

The Meepit Show Strides Forth
by spoonguardonline
Description: Welcome to the Meepit Show. Today, we promise to bring you an afternoon full of entertainment, intelligent banter and good quiz questions, courtesy of yours truly, somebody who never keeps promises.

Week - 361

No Other Way: Part One
by spoonguardonline
Description: "If the agent was planning to betray us, this device would pick up any glimmer of that in the mind, and we would know about it. Nothing showed up in our scan."

Week - 362

No Other Way: Part Two
by spoonguardonline
Description: "The engines on this side of the Station have stopped working," explained Morlock hurriedly. "And the lever's broken, so it can't be re-engaged."

Week - 363

No Other Way: Part Three
by spoonguardonline
Description: "I don't mean to intrude," said Drakav, impatiently, "but we've got a Station to save here!"

Week - 364

No Other Way: Part Four
by spoonguardonline
Description: "There must be some way out! Patsy, you know the Station, don't you? Isn't there something you can do?"

Week - 365

No Other Way: Part Five
by spoonguardonline
Description: "Believe me," said Drakav, "I'd much rather do it myself than trust you with this task."

Week - 367

No Other Way: Part Six
by spoonguardonline
Description: "You'll pay for this!" he said. "I promise, you'll pay for this." And, without another word, he turned on his heels...

Week - 368

No Other Way: Part Seven
by spoonguardonline
Description: Drakav looked at the display. 2:04. Just over three minutes for Jomoro to get into the other room.

"What if he doesn't make it?"

Week - 366

The Meepit Show: NT Edition
by spoonguardonline
Description: Tonight, we celebrate our first special show, which is a fortunate statement since it allows me to insult every contestant on every prior show as having been simply ordinary.

Week - 372

The Meepit Show Before Christmas
by spoonguardonline
Description: He passes Roan a script. Since Roan is in the middle of the stadium, the Producer is on the edge, and he manages to do this without moving, a few laws of physics are ignored in the process...

Week - 379

The Meepit Show: Valentine's Day Special
by spoonguardonline
Description: Up until now, the Meepit Show has maintained a very proud tradition of having absolutely nothing to do with Meepits.

Week - 384

The Illustrious Meepit Show
by spoonguardonline
Description: What I say isn't offensive at all. It only becomes an argument when the person replies back.

Week - 394

Twelfth Meepit Show
by spoonguardonline
Description: Welcome to the Twelfth Meepit Show! My name is the Producer, and I'll be your host for the night!

Week - 399

The Meepit Show: Issue 400 399 Spectacular
by spoonguardonline
Description: In fact, you lose twice as many points as you would normally as a result of not coming up with that witty answer.

Week - 421

Return to the Forbidden Meepit Show
by spoonguardonline
Description: ROAN: It's a donation from a mysterious source. They called it a Deus Ex Machine.

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