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Week - 375

Sapphire's Stories: Ordinarily Discontent
by kathleen_kate
Description: "The medicine costs 105,000 NP. How in Neopia do you expect to pay for it if you always gamble on turdles?"

Week - 381

Sapphire's Stories: Present Peril
by kathleen_kate
Description: Kate's birthday!! I didn't know what to do. I didn't have ANY present for her at all!

Week - 418

Scarlet Shadow: A Scepter Full of Trouble - Part One
by kathleen_kate
Description: She meant to make a quiet escape, but that was apparently not meant to be. "Oh well, at least I got the diamond," she sighed...

Week - 419

Scarlet Shadow: A Scepter Full of Trouble - Part Two
by kathleen_kate
Description: "There won't be a next time if we don’t get out of here now!" Kanrik argued

Week - 420

Scarlet Shadow: A Scepter Full of Trouble - Part Three
by kathleen_kate
Description: Scarlet looked at herself in the mirror. Her long, wavy hair was now flowing freely and seemed to be in tone with the flowing of the gown. She looked like a princess... again.

Week - 421

Scarlet Shadow: A Scepter Full of Trouble - Part Four
by kathleen_kate
Description: "Do you know how to handle swords?" Skarl asked just as Scarlet was about to leave.

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