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Week - 413

Stranded!: Part One
by matilda_39
Description: It all started when the Neopian Lottery's jackpot shot up to an amazing sum of twenty million neopoints...

Also by brookeppg

Week - 414

Stranded!: Part Two
by matilda_39
Description: The frigid sea water did not take long to wake Madalleena up. In fact, the second she entered the water, her mind snapped awake.

Also by brookeppg

Week - 415

Stranded!: Part Three
by matilda_39
Description: "I think that we should split up and each go in one direction. We can meet back here at dark."

Also by brookeppg

Week - 416

Stranded!: Part Four
by matilda_39
Description: "Look what I found!" Rivers bent down, cupping her hands, and savored the taste of ice cold water.

Also by brookeppg

Week - 417

Stranded!: Part Five
by matilda_39
Description: "Come along, prisoners," the island Xweetok said in a loud voice, and then gave a sharp tug on the rope...

Also by brookeppg

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