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Week - 323

Christmas Cooking with Teatray
by squishable
Description: Chef Teatray is here to show you several great Christmas food ideas.

Week - 329

Happy Un-Valentine's Day
by popolopolis_the_3rd_
Description: We caught up with a few of our "friends" at the Gallery of Evil to see how they celebrate their Un-Valentine's Day...

Also by squishable

Week - 334

Quig Quig Stories
by squishable
Description: QUIGQUIG... It's so... hypnotic?

Week - 366

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas
by squishable
Description: Your neofriend is going as a pony and your sister is dressed up as a tiki torch. This is all good, but you have no idea what to wear.

Also by c1tyk4t

Week - 416

Happy Halloween: How NOT to Trick or Treat
by squishable
Description: Rule #1: Not everyone will appreciate your sense of humour.

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