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Week - 248

Amaida's Wings
by shadow_sabre_
Description: "Amai, are you alright?" came a voice from downstairs...

Week - 291

Welcome Blue
by shadow_sabre_
Description: "Apparently his last owner put him in the Neolodge," Shadow said thoughtfully. "I don't want to take him away, so he won't be coming for a few days yet..."

Week - 292

Light Problems
by shadow_sabre_
Description: "The light faerie got out, didn't she?" Alice asked, looking down at the empty glass bottle sitting near the dresser...

Week - 298

I'll Never Forget
by shadow_sabre_
Description: Serenity walked in the door, with the glint of a plan shining through her eyes. She looked exactly like she were about to do something shocking...

Week - 300

A Good Home
by shadow_sabre_
Description: "Leave me to die," said Norion, twitching his tail as he watched his owner filling out the forms in front of Dr. Death...

Week - 303

Delma Harrence: The Younger Days - Part One
by shadow_sabre_
Description: "Now go down and eat breakfast," said her owner, peering down at her and showing absolutely no fear at all. "You're going to school today, and you're not going to go out in the fields and play yooyuball with your friends..."

Week - 304

Delma Harrence: The Younger Days - Part Two
by shadow_sabre_
Description: That last sentence set Delma off. Janet constantly used phrases like that. 'Lilo wouldn't do this...' or 'Lilo wouldn’t do that...'

Week - 309

I Have Hope
by shadow_sabre_
Description: I was confused. Our owner had left us a note? Usually she sat at the table every morning with us...

Week - 311

Sloth's Nightmare
by shadow_sabre_
Description: Avert your eyes.

Week - 316

A Ditsy of Hope
by shadow_sabre_
Description: "You ready for the lab ray, Qin?" asked the girl, looking down at him. He peered up at her silently...

Week - 321

The Faerie Dilemma: Part One
by shadow_sabre_
Description: Nolion shivered at his close call. He wondered where his first owner was now...

Week - 322

The Faerie Dilemma: Part Two
by shadow_sabre_
Description: "Excuse me, Highness," she said quietly, shaking in her fur. "What makes you think I can do this mission?"

Week - 323

The Faerie Dilemma: Part Three
by shadow_sabre_
Description: "Yeah," said Amaida. "The last person to find this item became who we now know of as Jhudora, and we don't want anything like that to happen again..."

Week - 324

The Faerie Dilemma: Part Four
by shadow_sabre_
Description: Nobody could ever replace her in the girl's heart, just like nobody could replace her other neopet, Nolion...

Week - 325

The Faerie Dilemma: Part Five
by shadow_sabre_
Description: They had to take a rest, but at the same time he felt as if they did go and sleep, the world would end while they were snoozing away!

Week - 326

The Faerie Dilemma: Part Six
by shadow_sabre_
Description: Nolion narrowed his eyes. Something was wrong here. He could tell, though he didn't know why...

Week - 327

The Faerie Dilemma: Part Seven
by shadow_sabre_
Description: "Are we actually free?" Nolion mused out loud, flicking a piece of ice into the blazing white slope of snow in front of them...

Week - 328

The Faerie Dilemma: Part Eight
by shadow_sabre_
Description: Booville was just a stone statue, her mouth dropped open and staring blankly at the scene in front of her. Tears poured profusely from Naellie's eyes...

Week - 329

Mystical Madness
by shadow_sabre_
Description: New background!

Week - 335

Wacky Wheel!
by shadow_sabre_
Description: Oh no! The Skull!

Week - 339

True Friends
by shadow_sabre_
Description: The whole group laughed, except for Naqasa, who just giggled a little to keep up appearances...

Week - 338

Wonderful Sadness
by shadow_sabre_
Description: Enough for what? That was what the Acara was dying to find out. She was hoping that it would be a paint brush...

Week - 353

'Extreme' Sports
by shadow_sabre_
Description: *drool*

Week - 352

The 'Smartest' Pet in the World
by shadow_sabre_
Description: "I think I was chasing a talking cookie through Sakhmet, only the buildings were lime green with purple polka-dots..."

Week - 355

'Extreme' Sports
by shadow_sabre_
Description: Faerie Hunting

Week - 369

The Mirror: Part One
by shadow_sabre_
Description: The plushie Kougra hugged his sides as he walked out into the hallway, his eyes wide and his ears perked up for any noise that was out of the ordinary. Goose bumps rippled across his cotton arms...

Week - 370

The Mirror: Part Two
by shadow_sabre_
Description: His jaw dropped, drawing in breath after shaky breath. He was looking at a ghost!

Week - 371

The Mirror: Part Three
by shadow_sabre_
Description: Another explosion threw him into the air, and he felt himself lose his grip on the bracelet just as darkness filled his mind...

Week - 381

His Song
by shadow_sabre_
Description: He had been created, he'd figured out, to be zapped by the lab ray into some awesome color.

Week - 386

Revenge: Part One
by shadow_sabre_
Description: "Guys, this is Q'tai," she said, resting her hand on his shoulder and seemingly oblivious to the venomous looks he threw at her.

Week - 387

Revenge: Part Two
by shadow_sabre_
Description: "That's just mean!" gasped Lily, one of my closest friends, as she helped me to towel the fur on my head. "How could they do that to you?"

Week - 388

Revenge: Part Three
by shadow_sabre_
Description: "Oh, come on, you know you want to help us!" whined a familiar high pitched voice. I stopped right in my tracks and hid behind a nearby trashcan.

Week - 389

Revenge: Part Four
by shadow_sabre_
Description: I knew it was stupid. I knew I shouldn’t have gone out in the storm, but how could I stay in there? How could I stay in that house when I knew that my owner was going to be just like my last one?

Week - 390

Revenge: Part Five
by shadow_sabre_
Description: Would my first owner take me back?

Week - 405

Crazy Clouds
by shadow_sabre_
Description: Ideally...

Week - 409

Simply Leah
by shadow_sabre_
Description: Laughter filled the hall of the high school, and Leah's cheeks burned as several voices of her fellow students taunted her.

Week - 414

Inheritance: Part One
by shadow_sabre_
Description: She couldn't ignore her talent to sing. Every chance a bard or music teacher came across their inn on their travels she prodded them to give her some advice, and she frequently sang while doing her chores.

Week - 415

Inheritance: Part Two
by shadow_sabre_
Description: Mabelle couldn't believe it. Her best friend was back in her life, at least for the moment!

Week - 416

Inheritance: Part Three
by shadow_sabre_
Description: "Mabelle's in danger," her friend said, turning to face the ambassador. "We need to hide her, get her away from here... something."

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