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Week - 410

Ember and the Chocolate Ball: Part One
by hc_huggle
Description: The key to happiness is not what you have, but how you use it.

Week - 411

Ember and the Chocolate Ball: Part Two
by hc_huggle
Description: "I heard you were invited to the Ball, and I figured you needed some help with getting an outfit for it."

Week - 412

Ember and the Chocolate Ball: Part Three
by hc_huggle
Description: There was a chocolate fountain comparable in size to the famous Money Tree, numerous games with unreleased chocolate delicacies as prizes, and an enormous chocolate cake draped in strawberry frosting and realistic candy flowers...

Week - 413

Ember and the Chocolate Ball: Part Four
by hc_huggle
Description: "Where have you been all night?! I've been looking for you everywhere! I thought we were gonna hang out."

Week - 414

Ember and the Chocolate Ball: Part Five
by hc_huggle
Description: "The spell will wear out soon. We must get back here before the unveiling or it will be too late."

Week - 415

Ember and the Chocolate Ball: Part Six
by hc_huggle
Description: "Aha!" Lexi celebrated as she spotted the Kiko. "I told you! You're in for it now!"

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