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Week - 331

When a Fountain Quest Comes Along
by dianacat777
Description: Ah. The Fountain Faerie. Many Neopian citizens dream of the day when she might grace them with a quest...

Week - 338

Dreams of Flying
by dianacat777
Description: Well, it wasn't so much being a Draik. It was true, he liked his midnight blue scales spangled with golden stars, and being able to light the candles on his birthday cake...

Week - 342

The Mysterious Aisha Sorceress
by dianacat777
Description: The faerie seems to contemplate her question. "I am known to some as Ilere," she allows, "but names mean very little in this world..."

Week - 350

True Beauty
by dianacat777
Description: She wanted to scream. It was so unfair. Why couldn't she have been a Xweetok too...

Week - 358

Just Crazy
by empoleon07
Description: It's the Storytelling Contest!

Script by dianacat777

Week - 363

by dianacat777
Description: "Mr. Shaye, team Darigan is in eighth. You were the favorite to take it all. Now this?"

Week - 366

Just Crazy
by empoleon07
Description: Ever wonder?

Script by dianacat777

Week - 398

The Dangers of Maraquan Paint Brushes
by dianacat777
Description: Being painted Maraquan isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Week - 415

A Thousand Words
by dianacat777
Description: It was revolting, nauseating. She couldn't even come close to blending in to her favorite nighttime scenery anymore, couldn't pull pranks from the shadows.

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