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Week - 402

The Dragon Flower: Part One
by waterfairyrani
Description: "Amina, do you remember the way to the forest from here?" the Lutari asked the blue Xweetok.

Week - 403

The Dragon Flower: Part Two
by waterfairyrani
Description: "I presume you two are behaving yourselves?" Mrs. Skye asked pointedly.

Week - 404

The Dragon Flower: Part Three
by waterfairyrani
Description: "Perhaps, but I am not concerned with Lopina. I am concerned about you. I do hope that you are all right with Mr. Coco's offer."

Week - 405

The Dragon Flower: Part Four
by waterfairyrani
Description: Twelve days... Amina thought to herself and watched the clouds go by. That's really far away. I wonder if we will ever see Ms. Forest again.

Week - 406

The Dragon Flower: Part Five
by waterfairyrani
Description: "I wish I wasn't the one to bring you to the Captain. I hate being the bearer of bad news."

Week - 407

The Dragon Flower: Part Six
by waterfairyrani
Description: "Amina, I can't take it anymore! I'm so bored! I don't know what else to do!"

Week - 408

The Dragon Flower: Part Seven
by waterfairyrani
Description: "Please, let me out! I know we have docked! I will be good, I promise! Please, let me out!" Lopina bellowed through the door.

Week - 409

The Dragon Flower: Part Eight
by waterfairyrani
Description: Mr. Coco paused and lowered his voice a little more. "Has Crystal said anything?"

Week - 410

The Dragon Flower: Part Nine
by waterfairyrani
Description: "I knew it was you two when I heard your names," Crystal said as she stood up. "I knew your mother and father before they died."

Week - 411

The Dragon Flower: Part Ten
by waterfairyrani
Description: "What do you want with us, anyway?" Amina asked as she rubbed her wrists from the rope.

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