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Week - 166

How to be a Respected & Productive Guild Member
by tashni
Description: Joining a guild is one of the easiest things to do in Neopia. Being a productive, respected member is something else entirely.

Week - 211

Tash's Role Playing 101
by tashni
Description: When done properly, Role Playing can be an exciting and creative game that can let you be anyone and do anything! There is a Neopets board for Role Playing, and if you go there and look at some of the topics, you will find the possibilities to be endless.

Week - 214

by tashni
Description: The Poogle didn't say much. He sat at the table, eating and listening with a queer smile on his face...

Week - 216

Komik Releef: Happy Exercising
by tashni
Description: *pant* *gasp*

Week - 218

Orbulon Has Landed
by tashni
Description: Orbulon fell for a long time, and so he had the opportunity to do a little gazing at the big blue planet, which was getting bigger and bigger as time went on...

Week - 232

A Piece of Maraqua in Your Dry Neohome
by tashni
Description: There's more to Maraquan Petpets than just food and water, ya know! So sit down, grab one o' those java things and listen up; I'll try to explain things to you.

Week - 236

Orbulon and the Queen of Mystery Island
by tashni
Description: After several unfortunate events in Maraqua, Orbulon crawled onto the Mystery Island beach. Ecstatic to be on dry land...

Week - 237

Komik Releef: Juicy Mix-up
by tashni
Description: Look what you did!

Week - 238

Slorg Randomness
by tashni
Description: Improvise!

Also by brymax406

Week - 241

Awesome Aquatic Petpets, Dude
by tashni
Description: I'm that way awesome Kougra owner of the Rock Pool on the Island, and I want to tell you about the aquatic Petpets I love!

Week - 248

Little Orby
by tashni
Description: Uh oh.

Week - 250

Little Orby
by tashni
Description: Steal my plot, will you?

Week - 253

Little Orby
by tashni
Description: Above Altador...

Week - 256

Little Orby
by tashni
Description: In the hills of Altador...

Week - 260

Lesser Faerie
by tashni
Description: 'It wasn't me,' thought the air faerie. She stopped and hovered inside a bush, giving her heart time to stop pounding. 'It wasn't me...'

Week - 261

Little Orby
by tashni
Description: You have a new quest!

Week - 269

Orbulon and the Founder of Symol Hole: Part One
by tashni
Description: Upon hitting the ground, Orbulon and the Korbat rolled into the wall. The Korbat stood up and gawked at his severed chain. Then his crazed smile became even more deranged...

Week - 270

Orbulon and the Founder of Symol Hole: Part Two
by tashni
Description: The Founder led Orbulon down yet another dismal, torch-lit passage that got warmer the farther they went. This reminded Orbulon of an unpleasant experience he had on Mystery Island, so he hoped the Founder knew what he was doing...

Week - 271

Orbulon and the Founder of Symol Hole: Part Three
by tashni
Description: The little creature stared up at her with vacant eyes. It looked simple-minded; maybe it would do her bidding. She heard its stomach growl. A wicked grin spread across Jhudora's green lips...

Week - 273

Food Science
by kamikatze24
Description: I can't wait!

Idea by tashni

Week - 274

Dr. Zaf's Advice Column
by squire_genevieve
Description: He's all dirty...

Also by tashni

Week - 278

Little Orby
by tashni
Description: Some messy person has spilled 150 Neopoints...

Week - 281

The Shoyru from Outer Space
by tashni
Description: "Oh, this?" he said as if he hadn't noticed it until now. "It's my spaceship..."

Week - 287

Outsider Within: Web of Deceit - Part One
by tashni
Description: D.A. briefly narrowed her cool blue eyes at Vosh for giving the Scorchio fuel to his fire. Still addressing Vosh, she said, "These are the Chambers of Darigan; we are responsible for the safety of all living on the Citadel..."

Week - 288

Outsider Within: Web of Deceit - Part Two
by tashni
Description: Her lips were moving, but with her hood down he could not see her eyes. What could she be saying to make the Blumaroo freeze like that? He strolled over to the mop and started wiping the floor near the reporter's table and strained his ears...

Week - 289

Outsider Within: Web of Deceit - Part Three
by tashni
Description: What had he overheard in his tavern last night? He liked D.A.; she was a classy lady. But what she had said last night to that reporter...

Week - 290

Outsider Within: Web of Deceit - Part Four
by tashni
Description: "Mister Barlow, it is my job to ensure the safety of all of the Citadel's inhabitants. Any concerns you may have must be addressed..."

Week - 291

Outsider Within: Web of Deceit - Part Five
by tashni
Description: "D.A.," said someone. Henka saw it was Hadrak. "I did not know I had your allegiance until the incident in the tavern. I am most pleased..."

Week - 294

Little Orby
by tashni
Description: Fyora Day Special!

Week - 300

Revenge of the Golden JubJub
by tashni
Description: "Well, down here on Neopia, we have a little thing called the Neopian Times which just so happens to be the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE..."

Week - 305

Little Orby
by tashni
Description: *screech*

Week - 309

Outsider Within: Cap'n Barlow
by tashni
Description: "Pirates are the great sea dogs, masters of the briny deep, rebels, fighters for freedom—definitely not tea drinkers..."

Week - 312

How This Old Geezer Sees Customization
by tashni
Description: Although such changes were never so sudden, they certainly have been as drastic...

Week - 324

The Family Doctor
by tashni
Description: He shooed her away, but the newly-painted Royal Shoyru persisted. It made Tashni sick to think he'd be breaking Nokura's heart tonight...

Week - 332

The Deep Silence
by tashni
Description: Aekin hadn't made it to her other three surfing runs that morning, but she was sure he would be waiting at the finish line this time...

Week - 329

Sloth to Claim his Vengeance?
by tashni
Description: Dozens of stories, articles, and comics have since depicted the often humiliating failure of the doctor...

Week - 333

Neopia Divided: Can It Survive War With Sloth?
by tashni
Description: How are Neopians split on such a vital issue? Sloth's actions and history themselves are a source of great debate.

Week - 342

Andune, King of Time
by tashni
Description: The Kyrii felt herself becoming dizzy and grabbed onto a bookshelf to hold herself up. "It's gone. My book of the King of Time is gone..."

Week - 343

The Pound Updated—Shaking our Society's Foundations
by tashni
Description: The pound has been reborn as an entirely different system. Its changes are far-reaching...

Week - 359

The Draikess and The Red Coat
by tashni
Description: A smirk rested on her lips, and her right hand cradled a scimitar. "Do you suppose it is magic enough to save you from the bounty on your head?"

Week - 379

Outsider Within: Face of Evil - Part One
by tashni
Description: "As they were fleeing, I saw her with them. D.A. was with the Smugglers' Guild."

Week - 380

Outsider Within: Face of Evil - Part Two
by tashni
Description: He half smiled. "I still haven't seen you fight with that skinny sword of yours. It's just for show, isn't it?"

Week - 381

Outsider Within: Face of Evil - Part Three
by tashni
Description: "Your work looks skillful," said a woman's voice. He looked up from his work to see the strange Zafara woman who had saved his life. He smiled and set his hammer down.

Week - 382

Outsider Within: Face of Evil - Part Four
by tashni
Description: "I am a blank page. This is my beginning."

Week - 383

Outsider Within: Face of Evil - Part Five
by tashni
Description: As the sun dipped below the Citadel into the hills of Meridell, Citadel guards finished their last shift of the day and dispersed from the barracks for their favored nighttime haunts.

Week - 384

Outsider Within: Face of Evil - Part Six
by tashni
Description: D.A. leapt up and whipped her sword around to face Anna.

Week - 385

Outsider Within: Face of Evil - Part Seven
by tashni
Description: "I am from a place far from here that you have likely never heard of. Darigan Citadel is where I live now. I have engaged in many forms of business during my time here, mostly odd jobs, mercenary work..."

Week - 386

Outsider Within: Face of Evil - Part Eight
by tashni
Description: "Tell him that it is obvious to you that she is giving us information on the inner workings of his business."

Week - 387

Outsider Within: Face of Evil - Part Nine
by tashni
Description: "It is a sad thing to be betrayed by someone you liked very much."

Week - 388

Outsider Within: Face of Evil - Part Ten
by tashni
Description: "You do not get to choose your name," she said. "Your name is proved by your actions."

Week - 389

Outsider Within: Face of Evil - Part Eleven
by tashni
Description: D.A. examined the proceedings carefully; the whole thing smacked of the theatrical. Mr. Aimes was proving himself a showman.

Week - 390

Outsider Within: Face of Evil - Part Twelve
by tashni
Description: "You will have to tell me how you started on this adventure sometime."

Week - 408

Bonju's Secret Uncovered—The Hunters Who Found Him
by tashni
Description: Three years ago on Blumaroo Day, the Chef Bonju avatar was announced in the news. Little did anyone know what those little orange pixels would come to represent...

Art by tashni

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