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Week - 370

Customisation on Budgets
by cheeseworld101
Description: Your Neopet can look great without making a dent in your bank account.

Week - 372

Usuki Star: Part One
by cheeseworld101
Description: She immediately looked towards the bottom of the page, which told of a contest to meet the members of Usuki Star in Neopia Central. All she had to do was Neomail a form to the magazine company...

Week - 373

Usuki Star: Part Two
by cheeseworld101
Description: "It's just a contest, Rose." Ali turned to the Shoyru. "There will be more contests you can enter. Why are you so sad about this one?"

Week - 374

Usuki Star: Part Three
by cheeseworld101
Description: "I was about to enter your contest for meeting the singers of Usuki Star when someone pointed out to me the fact that I was too young to enter..."

Week - 375

Usuki Star: Part Four
by cheeseworld101
Description: "You don't even know if you can participate in the contest, Rose," Ali stated. "Don't get your hopes up."

Week - 376

Usuki Star: Part Five
by cheeseworld101
Description: "Today's the concert, Rose!" exclaimed the Yurble at the breakfast table. "It's pretty exciting. I've never been to a concert before."

Week - 403

In Perfect Harmony: Part One
by cheeseworld101
Description: "You've already won one contest, though. Why not give me a turn?" she replied, jokingly.

Week - 404

In Perfect Harmony: Part Two
by cheeseworld101
Description: "You can do this, Ali," she whispered to herself. "You love this song."

Week - 405

In Perfect Harmony: Part Three
by cheeseworld101
Description: "I never liked performing; honestly, I try to avoid it. So why enter a contest that gives you a chance to perform?"

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