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Week - 264

What Really Goes On When You Are Away
by alexrae963
Description: Jake laughed excitedly, too pleased with his handiwork to really mind his older sister's current rage. "Mom's gone for the weekend!"

Week - 268

Hour of The Haunted Woods
by alexrae963
Description: "These woods are filled with mystery, and only the misunderstood dare to dwell here..."

Week - 273

Why We All Fear the Word "Hospital"
by alexrae963
Description: “Good mor-ACHOOOO!” Jake’s quiet greeting was broken off by a terrible sneezing fit as the Baby of the family (literally) walked into the room, handkerchief at hand. The Lupe’s eyes were tearing, his nose was running, and he looked rather annoyed...

Week - 277

Ten Ways to Annoy Your Sibling(s)
by alexrae963
Description: Jake was bored. I mean, he was really bored...

Week - 286

The Ins, Outs, and Abouts to the Neopian Times
by alexrae963
Description: Truth be told, it's more than that. Much more! We writers, readers, and comic-drawers need an inspiration before we can begin to write...

Week - 285

Disease of the Citadel
by alexrae963
Description: "Darigan is dying, sir..."

Week - 368

To Twist A Tongue
by alexrae963
Description: Crafty Kougras keep kelp caches on Kreludor.

Week - 404

The Greatest Scheme of Tor: Part One
by alexrae963
Description: Now, as you may have imagined, Tor was an experienced sword fighter and strategist, having countered many frightening foes...

Also by sambundrick963

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