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Week - 367

See You Later
by o_liveandlearn_o
Description: "All we have to do is to rip open a hole in the space-time fabric, using the machine Dr. Sloth has so helpfully left, and keep a stable enough wormhole for a person to go through. Any questions?"

Week - 374

A Tail of Two Krawks
by o_liveandlearn_o
Description: He spoke only four words, but it had sent his friend into complete and total shock. Those words? "Let's bug Jhudora today."

Week - 391

by o_liveandlearn_o
Description: Today was a very special day, but Abigail seriously doubted that her brother knew.

Week - 396

The Techo Super-fan: Faerieland Supporter?!
by o_liveandlearn_o
Description: A question looms behind the Techo's screaming cheers: Which team is he really cheering for?

Week - 400

The Virtual Tour Guide: Identification Number 0400
by o_liveandlearn_o
Description: "How do you destroy Evil Fuzzles?"

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