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Week - 186

Balthazar - The True Story
by the_wolf_girl994
Description: The forest looked as haunting and spooky as ever. The poor child Lupe shivered in the bitter, subzero temperature, his ears pressed against the back of his head...

Week - 311

Endlessinsanity - Little Cousins
by __wolf_girl__
Description: Whoever thought cousins could be so... adorable?

Week - 366

Endlessinsanity - 'armless
by __wolf_girl__
Description: You don't have to worry about them JubJubs!

Week - 378

Endless Insanity - A new look
by __wolf_girl__
Description: Does this style make me look fat?

Week - 397

Endless Insanity - My Skull!
by __wolf_girl__
Description: ...your petpet has my skull...

Week - 398

Endless Insanity - Fish
by __wolf_girl__
Description: Stop feeding us your fishing rejects!

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