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Week - 217

Semi-Evil Assistant #4
by silent_snow
Description: And to make it worse, he didn't have enough neopoints stocked away to buy another kookith. Not after the first three had run away...

Week - 221

A Christmas Gift
by silent_snow
Description: He had yet to sweep all of the snow, Petpet fur, and slush off of his floor and into the outside. But all Archie wanted just then was to lock up his shop and head outside...

Week - 233

by silent_snow
Description: "It's just snow, kid. Now hurry up."

Week - 236

A Whackable Guide to Splat-a-Sloth
by silent_snow
Description: But the true Splat-A-Sloth master knows that there is more to the game than just those simple things. And, in this article, you shall finally learn this secret knowledge...

Week - 237

The Know-It-All Hero
by silent_snow
Description: It was a typical day at the Help Center. "Please, please, please, you MUST help me!"

Week - 242

The Lutari Debate: Ally or Menace?
by silent_snow
Description: Where do these Neopets come from? Why are they limited edition? Are they conspiring to take over Neopia? Questions have been asked, but no answers have been given from our slippery new friends.

Week - 262

Cracker Wars
by silent_snow
Description: "It's no good, Dr. Crumblebum," he called over to the shadow. "You'll never take me alive!"

Week - 263

Night of Freedom
by silent_snow
Description: It flew out over the Haunted Woods, tasting freedom, real freedom, for the first time...

Week - 265

Smilty and her Tale of Woe
by silent_snow
Description: Smilty followed the Ixi with her eyes. Wait. The other Neopets were digging at that grave? Well, now she was thoroughly spooked...

Week - 267

Annunciation, Arguments, and Airspray
by silent_snow
Description: Cyan, more commonly known as the Negg Faerie, sniffed her annoyance. "It's called dramatic effect, Aethia. And I'll have you know that the instructions clearly state that one must add in a dramatic pause between the Kyrii's hair and the Golden Juppie soup. It won't work properly, otherwise..."

Week - 295

Stuck: Part One
by silent_snow
Description: I nodded, excited beyond all belief. This wasn't your everyday abandonment I was going through, after all. This was an adventure...

Week - 296

Stuck: Part Two
by silent_snow
Description: "Oh, so now I'm not good enough to be acknowledged?" the Blumaroo continued, malice dripping from his words. "Whatever. I'm sure you think you know everything..."

Week - 297

Stuck: Part Three
by silent_snow
Description: Surprisingly enough, the pound wasn't too intimidating after all. The first night was easily the worst. I got Jellied Eyeballs for dinner, one of the creepiest foods I had ever seen...

Week - 298

Stuck: Part Four
by silent_snow
Description: Jeffrey sat down across from me, gave me a look, and sighed. "You won't be happy here, will you?"

Week - 299

Stuck: Part Five
by silent_snow
Description: "Terri, calm down, I'm fine!' Terri's spontaneous hugs were sometimes very awkward for me, since I didn't have arms. "Seriously. It's okay..."

Week - 300

Three Red Roses, Times a Hundred
by silent_snow
Description: "What do you mean, you don't do flowers?" Roxton yelled at Captain Rourke, causing the many other patrons of the Golden Dubloon to turn around and shush him...

Week - 302

Finding Snarkie
by silent_snow
Description: At precisely that second, a loud (and quite obnoxious) shriek rang through the house, closely followed by a series of oscillating wails. Jaileen rolled her eyes and jogged off towards the living room...

Week - 330

The Return of Dr. Sloth: Behind the Scenes - Part One
by silent_snow
Description: "Identification, please," she said into the device, still typing away with one hand. Nothing came out of their headsets but static...

Week - 331

The Return of Dr. Sloth: Behind the Scenes - Part Two
by silent_snow
Description: She had finally gotten it just right, and was about to click 'send', when the emergency lights started flashing...

Week - 332

The Return of Dr. Sloth: Behind the Scenes - Part Three
by silent_snow
Description: "Yeah, it'll be fine," Jix said, polishing her claws. "Anyway, a friend told me that something interesting is going on at the Station today. I want to see it..."

Week - 333

The Return of Dr. Sloth: Behind the Scenes - Part Four
by silent_snow
Description: But it wasn't because she was a coward, she told herself, of course not! She was just being smart. No intelligent person would walk blindly into a potentially dangerous place...

Week - 336

Neoschool: No Need for Know-It-Alls!
by silent_snow
Description: Never fear! With just a little time and a lot of effort, you'll be transformed from the Neoschool Know-It-All to Mr. Neo-Popularity! Or at least you won't get picked on. Hopefully.

Week - 338

His Side of the Story: Beginning
by silent_snow
Description: Frank went off to the docking bay to get his escape ship prepared...

Week - 350

Newspapers Across Neopia
by silent_snow
Description: Well, I can tell you right now that the Neopian Times is the only Neopian Times in existence- however, it is not the only newspaper on Neopia.

Week - 366

The Last Page: Part One
by silent_snow
Description: My master, Eliv Thade, stood next to the servant's bell, a book in hand. Some who visited the castle called him dashing, with his piercing yellow eyes, dark green fur, and the jagged scar that ran over his left cheek. More called him terrifying.

Week - 367

The Last Page: Part Two
by silent_snow
Description: The other servants grumbled in their sleep and shifted in their bedrolls as the sunrays snuck through the window. I made my way up the stairs.

Week - 368

The Last Page: Part Three
by silent_snow
Description: When I opened the door, my master was asleep, leaning against a bookshelf, a piece of paper still clutched in his paw.

Week - 369

The Last Page: Part Four
by silent_snow
Description: "Woh ymna spffu ni a hebrat fo wndi?" my master muttered...

Week - 370

The Last Page: Part Five
by silent_snow
Description: With every puzzle I inscribed into the book, I was growing closer to the end, closer to the last page.

Week - 371

The Last Page: Part Six
by silent_snow
Description: "Thade's hardly capable of forming an intelligible sentence, never mind paying attention to anything outside of his library," Jasar said, smirking.

Week - 372

To Love
by silent_snow
Description: Project EMOTE Version 2.44 was sad.

Week - 388

His Side of the Story: Apprentice
by silent_snow
Description: Parlax stood, eyes closed, in the middle of the room. He held his blaster loosely at his side...

Week - 397

The Match
by silent_snow
Description: Bertie sprinted for the right side of the goal, dodging around the Krawk Island players who were already headed for...

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