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Week - 359

Colour of Shame
by jackjack1234
Description: "She thinks you need a new appearance. She thinks young neopets may find you frightening." My tail hit the ground.

Week - 357

Mutants: Judged By Their Appearance?
by jackjack1234
Description: Have you ever heard your friends ever say, 'Ew, a mutant? You're considering one?' Then take a look at these facts.

Week - 367

Fuzzeh Logic
by jackjack1234
Description: No Kyriis were ever harmed. xD

Week - 368

Fuzzeh Logic: The Food Shop!
by jackjack1234
Description: Does THAT answer your question? XD

Week - 370

Scorchy Slots: Part 2
by jackjack1234
Description: At least we got her off.

Week - 373

Fuzzeh Logic
by jackjack1234
Description: Try is about all you can do.

Week - 372

Fuzzeh Logic: The Holidays!
by jackjack1234
Description: Holidays bring out the best in us.

Week - 381

Never Too Good
by jackjack1234
Description: I am not a piece of cheese!

Week - 387

Never Too Good
by jackjack1234
Description: I wouldn't eat that if I were you.

Week - 391

Fuzzeh Logic: Meerca Chase!
by jackjack1234
Description: Well, THAT didn't go over too well...

Week - 397

Altador Cup: Gloves?
by jackjack1234
Description: Why do they wear gloves?

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