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Week - 287

Baby-Proofing Your Neohome
by ayame_23
Description: You're overwhelmed with the simple joy of bringing your new bundle of love to your neohome, where you've already set up and furnished a baby-themed room. But wait; is the rest of your lovely neohome baby friendly yet?

Week - 289

An Island Hidden in Mist
by ayame_23
Description: The icy cold pulled him down, forcing him into the murky depths. He spun, flipped, and could only tell that he was going down...

Week - 292

I Command Thee To Attach!
by ayame_23
Description: Have you ever stopped to wonder if maybe your petpet just isn't that appealing to your new petpetpet? Hey, they have a right to be picky too.

Week - 295

No One Will Believe Them: Part One
by ayame_23
Description: "Agh!" he moaned as he lay sprawled across the dirt floor of the Symol hole he'd been forced to jump into. Maybe the cannonball wasn't the best way to make an entrance...

Week - 296

No One Will Believe Them: Part Two
by ayame_23
Description: Furious, Cove looked over at his pessimistic jail mate. It was a Gruslen, one of the petpets Cove thought to be the most fierce. "You're a Gruslen?" Cove asked incredulously. "Why didn't you just eat them?"

Week - 297

No One Will Believe Them: Part Three
by ayame_23
Description: It took less than five seconds for the Symol king's guards to react. They were after him in a mad dash of waved swords and screaming insults. Cove had to think quickly...

Week - 305

One Day At A Time
by ayame_23
Description: 8:30 a.m. Check in at the Defender Headquarters. Judge Hog is being his usual surly self...

Week - 302

The Underground: Part One
by ayame_23
Description: To all the Symols who've never been noticed, and all the Spardels who've been underestimated.

Week - 303

The Underground: Part Two
by ayame_23
Description: He stared at the empty petpet bed, unable to move, hardly able to breathe. His petpet, his best friend. They had stolen him. They'd stolen something far more precious than a material item. That was it! That was going too far!

Week - 304

The Underground: Part Three
by ayame_23
Description: "You claim they kidnapped a Spardel and a Gruslen, are holding them against their will, and creating a plan to rob Neopia blind? Why didn't the Gruslen just eat them?"

Week - 307

Will Rise Again
by ayame_23
Description: His head snapped around at the sound of an intercom crackling to life. "Balthazar," a booming voice spoke to him. "Glad to see you're awake..."

Week - 311

Heart of Stone
by ayame_23
Description: He entered the circular room that was cast in shadows, examining the ring of statues, each casting an odd, long shadow on the stone floor...

Week - 315

A Haunted Path: Part One
by ayame_23
Description: He conjured the image of his adopted Aisha sister to mind. "Arabella was falsely enticed to go. She wouldn't have gone if..."

Week - 316

A Haunted Path: Part Two
by ayame_23
Description: "So I finally get the appreciation I deserve?" Telos jolted and looked around, but he could not find the source of the voice. He could have sworn...

Week - 317

A Haunted Path: Part Three
by ayame_23
Description: A Lupe was running down the path toward them, his sword drawn and waving. He clanked loudly in his armor, and, from a distance, he looked like a very magnificent creature. It did not lessen the closer he got, and when Telos began to make out blue fur...

Week - 318

A Haunted Path: Part Four
by ayame_23
Description: "I didn't know anything had happened until--" Bella paused again and looked up through the twisted branches...

Week - 321

Greed's Captive: Part One
by ayame_23
Description: If they thought they could scare him off with the explosives, they were wrong...

Week - 322

Greed's Captive: Part Two
by ayame_23
Description: Sending one last greedy look over his shoulder, Dorak slipped out of his house and began his venture down the beach. After all, his dubloons always needed more companions...

Week - 323

Greed's Captive: Part Three
by ayame_23
Description: All around him, his prized dubloons glittered, whispering promises in the gloominess of his shack...

Week - 328

A Golden Necklace, A Misguided Heart
by ayame_23
Description: They were all entirely conceited, rich, and too powerful for their own good. But, Brista admitted, shifting her pink knit purse on her arm, those three things combined worked to her advantage...

Week - 329

Color-Changing Tulips
by ayame_23
Description: A young Zafara set idly under a large, shady oak tree...

Week - 345

Mop And Bucket Blues
by ayame_23
Description: He was here every day, every single day, night and day, and no one even knew him by name. At best he was simply titled the Yurble Janitor...

Week - 350

350 Days Of My Deepest Desires
by ayame_23
Description: "Feel free to go. I'll see you again tonight after sunset," Nyx addressed his lamp...

Week - 354

The Fallen: Cursed
by ayame_23
Description: The Lupe king--or ex-king, really--glared at himself in the mirror set before him...

Week - 358

The Fallen: Betrayed - Part One
by ayame_23
Description: The shadow-colored Lupe was very pleased with himself. And why shouldn't he be? He ruled a magnificent kingdom...

Week - 359

The Fallen: Betrayed - Part Two
by ayame_23
Description: It seemed to give his Werelupes some sort of strange satisfaction to be able to crown their king.

Week - 360

The Fallen: Betrayed - Part Three
by ayame_23
Description: Alston rolled his eyes. "It's mine now. Get used to it. Besides, I highly doubt my people would prefer a... beast as their king rather than me."

Week - 361

The Fallen: Twisted - Part One
by ayame_23
Description: No one dared to trespass against Countess Mezzanotte the wicked, cruel, and yet stunningly powerful Halloween Gelert.

Week - 362

The Fallen: Twisted - Part Two
by ayame_23
Description: Mezzanotte suppressed a sigh and lifted one finely arched brow. "Excuse me," she said, her tone slightly scathing. "You're standing in my way."

Week - 363

The Fallen: Twisted - Part Three
by ayame_23
Description: A loud howl rose into the air, echoing painfully in Javiod's ears.

Week - 366

The Fallen: Tricked, Treated, and Abandoned
by ayame_23
Description: It still annoyed Javiod that the Werelupes were so quick to dismiss hospitality. They could have lived in the castle too if they hadn't been so hard-headed...

Week - 367

by ayame_23
Description: Costume? COSTUME? That's what he thought this was?

Week - 374

Inevitable Betrayal: Part One
by ayame_23
Description: "We must find the soul. Time runs short. The amulet must be destroyed."

Week - 375

Inevitable Betrayal: Part Two
by ayame_23
Description: Gasping, Losely sat straight up in bed, jarred prematurely from sleep. Clutching the ragged quilt strewn across her bed to her chest, the Zombie Aisha shivered...

Week - 376

Inevitable Betrayal: Part Three
by ayame_23
Description: Her last memory was of venturing to the kitchen for a snack, and then nothing. There was a big, black void where time had been lost that she couldn't account for.

Week - 377

Inevitable Betrayal: Part Four
by ayame_23
Description: There was no reason to bring up old legends now and frighten everyone for nothing. He'd wait to see if they proved true.

Week - 378

Inevitable Betrayal: Part Five
by ayame_23
Description: All she knew was that she had to reach the safety of her cottage...

Week - 379

Inevitable Betrayal: Part Six
by ayame_23
Description: Fools. They would believe that it was their self-righteous duty to preserve the peace in the Haunted Woods.

Week - 370

The Fallen: Loved - Part One
by ayame_23
Description: The closer the month of Giving came, the further down Javiod sank into his despair. His heart ached as those around him celebrated...

Week - 371

The Fallen: Loved - Part Two
by ayame_23
Description: Javiod became more of a recluse than ever. In the one Neopian he expected to be cold-hearted and uncaring when it came to holidays, he found no solace.

Week - 372

The Fallen: Loved - Part Three
by ayame_23
Description: Slowly, Javiod began to trudge up the stairs to his room. He didn't know why he'd taken up the habit of patroling the woods. His Werelupes were long gone.

Week - 373

The Fallen: Loved - Part Four
by ayame_23
Description: No Christmas for him. He was going to skip the holiday. He felt no desire to be cheerful or merry, or to eat a lavish Christmas dinner, and he knew that there would be no gifts under the tree for him.

Week - 382

The Unstoppable
by ayame_23
Description: It was only a matter of time before one of Sloth's henchmen walked through the door and attempted to remove his mask.

Week - 385

Outcast: The Tale of Rhoswen - Part One
by ayame_23
Description: His life had never been an easy one...

Week - 386

Outcast: The Tale of Rhoswen - Part Two
by ayame_23
Description: He could hardly believe he was actually in a hurry to get to his mirror, the one thing he avoided like the plague...

Week - 387

Outcast: The Tale of Rhoswen - Part Three
by ayame_23
Description: "You wear the necklace. You are king," Lyekan proclaimed, as if this made perfect sense.

Week - 384

by ayame_23
Description: Mahyla, the speckled Draik, listened to this complaint with unbridled disdain. Did she care whose toes she stomped on along the way?

Week - 390

The Broken Soul: Reawakening
by ayame_23
Description: He'd discarded his title, his clothing, his riches, even his own name. He was only Tyrin now...

Week - 395

The Broken Soul: Promises and War - Part One
by ayame_23
Description: Cove didn't waste much time before he promoted Sarevor into the title of Captain of his Royal Guard. It was only Sarevor that he truly trusted to keep him safe...

Week - 396

The Broken Soul: Promises and War - Part Two
by ayame_23
Description: He couldn't escape Cove Macduff: his former self, the once-upon-a-time king.

Week - 397

The Broken Soul: Promises and War - Part Three
by ayame_23
Description: Two more arrows lodged into the side of the carriage, and the third must have narrowly missed the guards driving, because an indignant yelp came from outside...

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