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Week - 372

A Christmas Miracle
by xxxmagiabellexxx
Description: "They were putting on the news how Dr. Sloth must be more evil now than ever because it's the holidays and you KNOW how much he hates them, and I had to wonder..."

Week - 378

Teaching Drake
by xxxmagiabellexxx
Description: I smirked contentedly. I always, always, always, got my way. But to other people, I was spoiled.

Week - 384

by xxxmagiabellexxx
Description: Her owner rarely went to Neopia anymore to visit her. And today, her owner was here.

Week - 387

The Street Warf
by xxxmagiabellexxx
Description: "Aeyana, I'm not jealous! I'd never be jealous of your bratty attitude or your stupid Kad either!" growled Madeleine...

Week - 389

The Tale of an Unknown Faerie
by xxxmagiabellexxx
Description: The Faerie Queen's smile vanished. Unknown Faeries were a most important matter. Unknown Faeries were very rare and peculiar, indeed.

Week - 390

The Life and Lies of Madame Wisteria December Lane
by xxxmagiabellexxx
Description: "But when WILL you get out of here?"

"After I get fed, I suppose," he said, shrugging.

Week - 392

Life With the Newbies: Part One
by xxxmagiabellexxx
Description: When I say the word, the tippy-tip of my tongue gets sour and it almost hurts saying it. ABANDONED.

Week - 393

Life With the Newbies: Part Two
by xxxmagiabellexxx
Description: Oh. That's right. I don't live with Mommy anymore. She abandoned me. Oh yes, I remember now.

Week - 394

Life With the Newbies: Part Three
by xxxmagiabellexxx
Description: I would have cried another river if I could. But why would I waste perfectly good tears over someone that never truly loved me?

Week - 395

Song of Freedom
by xxxmagiabellexxx
Description: "Hey, I'm about to save your life, so quit complaining!" she exclaimed.

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