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Week - 200

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble
by niddyz
Description: She was just about to turn around when her Flashlightfish suddenly turned back into a fish and darted away...

Week - 306

Foreseeing the "Fyooture"
by niddyz
Description: This amateur analyst has decided to look at both last year's and this year's Cup to predict the standings for next year...

Week - 321

At the End of Your Rope?
by niddyz
Description: Just point your compass to the Games Room and you'll stumble upon the game that's sent Make Some Noise fans into euphoria: Tug 'O' War!

Week - 332

Healing the Healer
by niddyz
Description: She looked upon her healing waters and sighed, wishing that she could spend the day just soaking in their soothing properties, letting her own magical powers wash over her like a soothing flood and wash away this sense of... restlessness...

Week - 394

Altador Cup IV: Which Team is Right for You?
by niddyz
Description: There's a team for everyone.

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