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Week - 333

Pirate Haven
by seegensays
Description: The Pirate Pets of Altador can't afford to give King Altador any inkling that such a place exists just outside of his grand city. If you're a well known pirate with excellent underworld connections, then yes, of course you'd have a ticket in, but otherwise...

Week - 328

This Glass Container: Part One
by seegensays
Description: She hadn't really been participating throughout the meeting, actually. She was a relatively young Dark Faerie, lacking the experience that the others had. She didn't want to embarrass herself by speaking out...

Week - 330

This Glass Container: Part Two
by seegensays
Description: She had to admit, being called egotistical was a plus. Just one of the many unpleasant qualities she needed to master as a Dark Faerie...

Week - 331

This Glass Container: Part Three
by seegensays
Description: She closed her eyes and blissfully spiraled through the raindrops, which were pounding towards Neopia at a steadily increasing rate. She was free...

Week - 329

Love Lost
by seegensays
Description: At first glance, it seemed as if there was only one visitor – a small Earth Faerie girl of perhaps twelve or thirteen, eyes wide with fear...

Week - 365

The Secret Book of Chef Bonju
by inge_123
Description: "Don't be silly," laughed Nuna, striding over to the desk. "You could probably write a book as good as mine."

Also by seegensays

Week - 368

Paint Responsibly
by seegensays
Description: This has been your friendly public service announcement.

Week - 372

The Incredible Edibles - Christmas Edition
by seegensays
Description: Just what I wanted!

Week - 376

Trials of the Tax Beast
by seegensays
Description: The user narrowed her eyes. "What percentage?" Her outer mask of anger and defiance slipped as her eyes flicked back to her purse nervously...

Week - 378

by seegensays
Description: Where others saw darkness, the Shadow Usul saw light...

Week - 382

Unwanted: Part One
by seegensays
Description: Most of you reading this will naturally assume that I was destined to be the "evil" one...

Week - 383

Unwanted: Part Two
by seegensays
Description: I think of the moment I woke up as the starting point for my "New" life.

Week - 384

Unwanted: Part Three
by seegensays
Description: Sleep was slowly disappearing behind me. That's when it happened – the vision.

Week - 393

by seegensays
Description: He figured Lisha wouldn't really appreciate his creative fantasies, and she was a rather talented sorceress in a fragile state. He didn't look forward to life as a Mortog.

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