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Week - 365

The Kass Basher Kass, on Baguettes and other things
by larkspurlane
Description: In my spare time I frighten small Neopets and eat really manly foods such as Blumaroo Steak. I am a Darigan Eyrie.

Week - 367

Why Grarrls Are Bald
by larkspurlane

Week - 368

Palmplat Perils
by larkspurlane
Description: Thanks for reading!

Week - 366

An Exercise in Frustration
by larkspurlane
Description: Horror story night in the Haunted Woods...

Week - 372

Christmas Capers at Little Nippers
by larkspurlane
Description: Once upon a time on a small windswept island in the middle of high-foaming seas, there lived a blue Kyrii.

Week - 371

Dubloon Disaster Shenanigans
by larkspurlane
Description: Whose bright idea was it to have Beany Burpers for lunch?

Week - 373

Perpetual Plushiness
by larkspurlane
Description: Mmm, warm and fuzzy.

Script by rest_in_boredom

Week - 375

Blinky the Filamen
by larkspurlane
Description: CHET FLASH!!!

Week - 376

by larkspurlane
Description: I see... I see...

Week - 378

Jhudora's Prizes Are SO Unappreciated
by larkspurlane
Description: WHY is this ink not purple?

Week - 379

The Valentines Fiasco (A Tale of Sloth and Jhudora)
by larkspurlane
Description: "Did you just poison my Lemwart Fizz?"

Week - 384

How To Get On Illusen's Good Side
by larkspurlane
Description: Do not call Illusen a "mushroom-headed freak."

Week - 385

Ellie's Secret... Massage?!
by larkspurlane
Description: Never knew twelve eyes could look so good!

Week - 388

Neopia Central on Grey Day
by larkspurlane
Description: Enjoy the Grey Experience.

Week - 391

How to Dance Like Rosie, And Other Important Things
by larkspurlane
Description: Step 3: dislocate kneecaps.

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