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Week - 274

The Honorary Feepit
by ashflash
Description: Rufus the Feepit on the other hand was rarely around. As soon as the masters were gone he would disappear...

Week - 295

The Honorary Feepit and the Quest
by ashflash
Description: The two petpets gasped in shock at the sight of Illusen standing in their backyard. "Are you with the Feepit Defenders of Neopia?" she asked...

Week - 299

The Honorary Feepit vs. The Darkest Meepit
by ashflash
Description: "This must be a trick," scoffed Rufus. "A meepit would never come to a feepit for help..."

Week - 314

Time Tourists
by ashflash
Description: "That experiment would have worked if you hadn't stopped me," he replied. "Anyway, look at my newest invention..."

Week - 319

Mining Mayhem
by ashflash
Description: "I need your help to stop Sloth from taking over Neopia..."

Week - 329

Do Not Pull
by ashflash
Description: "She had to run a few errands," answered Vicki. "Is something wrong?"

"An angry mob is chasing me," replied Natu...

Week - 334

Reality Flux
by ashflash
Description: "That was the spell that Jhudora has been working on since before you were born," replied Illusen...

Week - 342

The Honorary Feepit and the Myth
by ashflash
Description: "Legend has it that a magical orb creates the mysterious fog which covers Shenkuu..."

Week - 361

The Honorary Feepit Vs. the Monoceraptor
by ashflash
Description: Suddenly a loud roar sounded throughout the jungle. "What was that sound?" asked Rufus...

Week - 370

An Afternoon with Kira and Natu: The Game Edition
by ashflash
Description: Today we are going to interview the stars of the game room.

Also by khmaster324

Week - 382

An Afternoon with Kira and Natu: Faerie Edition
by ashflash
Description: Today we are going to interview several famous faeries.

Also by khmaster324

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