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Week - 270

Victory Incomplete
by wicked_summer
Description: It's hard to roar when you weigh about as much as the average bag of flour. It worked anyway. The faerie Acara screamed and fell backwards...

Week - 274

Carpenter and the Dark Sun
by wicked_summer
Description: It had been six months since the day Shard and I had been banished from the gallion clan we used to belong to. Six months, and the scars still hadn't healed; maybe they never would...

Week - 283

Shifting Sands and the Snowager: Part One
by wicked_summer
Description: He was standing on a ledge looking over Happy Valley, but from this distance the dome-shaped buildings shrunk to the size of matchboxes, and the individual pets to the size of ash falling from the matches...

Week - 284

Shifting Sands and the Snowager: Part Two
by wicked_summer
Description: "There are an awful lot of thieves. We probably would have killed each other by now if it hadn't been for a set of unwritten rules, strictly maintained. Well, someone broke those rules. A group called..."

Week - 291

Gallion Journeys
by wicked_summer
Description: That is not food! I gestured towards the item I was trying to buy. It's a piece of meat stuck on a twig!

Week - 315

With Broken Wings
by wicked_summer
Description: Tomeo was the one who saw it. He was carving out a pumpkin with his knife when he spotted the flying shape...

Week - 321

Ice Crystal Guardian
by wicked_summer
Description: Ice liked reading, but right now he couldn't concentrate. He flexed his clawed right paw in its glove of thick leather. The small, diamond-like crystal set into the tough material gleamed faintly...

Week - 323

Christmas on the Citadel
by wicked_summer
Description: I hadn't meant to come. I had intended to drift around, thinking my own thoughts. Alone on Christmas is fine with me...

Week - 333

Starfire Detection Agencies: Part One
by wicked_summer
Description: "We're here about the Thyora's Tear you reported missing earlier today..." Much earlier. It must have been important to her if she reported it missing at 5:30 a.m...

Week - 334

Starfire Detection Agencies: Part Two
by wicked_summer
Description: "If it isn't the little detective clerk," came an amused voice. The dark confinements of the sewer tunnels made it difficult to tell...

Week - 340

As Royalty Does: Part One
by wicked_summer
Description: It most definitely did not fit in with the Korbat's view of How The World Should Be. His mouth formed around the only phrase that might help him to make sense of this anomaly. "Coffee?"

Week - 341

As Royalty Does: Part Two
by wicked_summer
Description: "We are going," Zeekaye declared, "to the library..."

Week - 342

As Royalty Does: Part Three
by wicked_summer
Description: Sometimes it seems as though the world is made up of Virtupets robots – they do not think, they hardly feel, and they do exactly what is expected of them without questioning it...

Week - 343

As Royalty Does: Part Four
by wicked_summer
Description: "Why did they kidnap me?" Zeekaye said, still in that infuriatingly calm voice...

Week - 350

by wicked_summer
Description: The grinding must have been the tomb door opening, and I didn't feel like hanging around for a few days to scare some other small, fluffy Neopian. I had better things to do with my time...

Week - 378

Neopian Philosophy
by wicked_summer
Description: Tall tales.

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