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Week - 333

Dubloon Disaster?
by leetmango
Description: Aktumiku learns what it truely means to have the fabled "dubloon disaster"...

Week - 336

Medical Tree: Cure 1
by leetmango
Description: Do you know how much those cost? Pets these days...

Week - 338

Medical Tree: Step Out Shoes
by leetmango
Description: I bet they look classy on you.

Week - 339

Medical Tree: As long as there is food
by leetmango
Description: So where does the jelly come from? Ah, who cares. Pets these days would rather eat it than study it.

Week - 345

Medical Tree: Glowing Jelly
by leetmango
Description: Warning: Consuming glowing jelly may be potentially dangerous for your health.

Week - 346

Medical Tree: Thrift Shop
by leetmango
Description: They have feelings too!

Week - 347

Medical Tree: The folks at Mystery Island
by leetmango
Description: I hear they ruunn the tiki tours...

Week - 374

Medical Tree: New year's paintbrush
by leetmango
Description: And what a way to start a brand new year!

Week - 376

The Wishing Well: Part I
by leetmango
Description: No one ever comes out...

Week - 377

The Wishing Well: Part II
by leetmango
Description: There's only one way to find out!

Week - 378

The Wishing Well: Part III
by leetmango
Description: A feeling of despair takes hold of our heroes...

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