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Week - 359

Omelette Time!
by gaby_marques
Description: Yay omelette!

Also by geestelijk

Week - 365

Someone Can Be Listening To You...
by gaby_marques
Description: Awww...

Also by geestelijk

Week - 369

Eata loafa what?!
by gaby_marques
Description: Let them eat cake!

Script by patjade

Week - 370

Learning the AEIOU
by gaby_marques
Description: Say "A"

Script by tirilia

Week - 374

by gaby_marques
Description: Some things can't be learned from a book.

Script by patjade

Week - 375

Learning How to Cook
by gaby_marques
Description: Not always a book is the best way to learn it.

Script by palis_5

Week - 378

A Dubloon!
by gaby_marques
Description: Look!

Script by shashahug

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