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Week - 328

Kadoatie-Wannabe Woes
by fjant
Description: Whoever made up the name 'Kadoatie-wannabe'...

Week - 332

Potato Counting, Hm.
by fjant
Description: At least he got some free potatoes...

Week - 346

Neopian Tragedies
by fjant
Description: When trading pets became all right...

Week - 347

Neopian Tragedies; II
by fjant
Description: Food, food, food, food, food, food...

Week - 359

Neopian Tragedies; III
by fjant
Description: Cake? No, thank you.

Week - 363

Neopian Tragedies; IV
by fjant
Description: They're totally staying.

Week - 364

Neopian Tragedies; V
by fjant
Description: Well... What did you expect?

Week - 376

Neopian Tragedies; VI
by fjant
Description: It's all in the proteins, kids.

Week - 378

Neopian Tragedies
by fjant
Description: Well, it sure has gone somewhere...

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