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Week - 259

The Mysteries of Ultimate Bullseye
by xo_madison_ox
Description: Ever wonder why poor Punchbag Bob participated in the cruel game of Ultimate Bullseye?

Idea by pineapple_apple

Week - 279

Happy Valentine's
by xo_madison_ox
Description: No ribbon...

Idea by pineapple_apple

Week - 300

Happy #300!
by xo_madison_ox
Description: Two mischievous pets that just want to give their owners a special surprise for the 300th issue!

Idea by pineapple_apple

Week - 305

Am I Not Cute Enough? ;.;
by pineapple_apple
Description: Cute Pets To Rescue... Anubis: check, Kadoaties: check, Hasees: NOPE!

Art by xo_madison_ox

Week - 323

What Not To Buy
by xo_madison_ox
Description: Gift buying 101, what NOT to get that special friend. :3

Idea by pineapple_apple

Week - 373

Yo Ho Yo Ho, A Plushie's Life For Me: Part One
by pineapple_apple
Description: An adventurous story of how a plushie Shoyru found his true calling.

Week - 374

Yo Ho Yo Ho, A Plushie's Life For Me: Part Two
by pineapple_apple
Description: "I am a potion maker. Now, I have been searching for a plushie for quite a while to experiment with..."

Week - 375

Yo Ho Yo Ho, A Plushie's Life For Me: Part Three
by pineapple_apple
Description: I felt not a drop of fear in my body. To the surprise of the Snowager, I jumped up and ran over to hug him.

Week - 376

Yo Ho Yo Ho, A Plushie's Life For Me: Part Four
by pineapple_apple
Description: Vems was unfazed by that fact that I indeed was a plushie and retorted, "Of course! How else could he be stealin' all the booty and dubloons from e'eryone. It be the perfect, most deceiving disguise e'er!"

Week - 377

Yo Ho Yo Ho, A Plushie's Life For Me: Part Five
by pineapple_apple
Description: I was about to smile nervously, when I suddenly remembered my goal, and turned it into a scowl. "Arr... what ye all be doin' now?"

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