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Week - 306

16 Dos and Don'ts at a Tea Party
by jenlin_25
Description: If you get to the tea party early, sit down and wait. Don't, I repeat, don't start shoveling food into your mouth!

Week - 328

Guide to Slumber Party Survival
by jenlin_25
Description: You will learn how to avoid sticky situations and, well, basically how to survive a slumber party...

Week - 340

The Island Bake-A-Thon
by jenlin_25
Description: "But seriously, Maraqua, the Island Bake-A-Thon is two days away. It's not like you should start worrying forty-eight hours ahead of time... "

Week - 360

The Kacheek Club: Science Fair Showdown
by jenlin_25
Description: "Ummm, Mr. Noakes? Will we be able to choose our science fair partners?"

Week - 361

The Kacheek Club: The Haunted Teahouse
by jenlin_25
Description: "Look at this!" Xana held up a red brochure with gold trim that was entitled Shenkuu Sights. "It has all sorts of interesting places that we can visit."

Week - 363

The Kacheek Club: Gretta's Revenge - Part One
by jenlin_25
Description: Suddenly it clicked in her mind. "Oh... uhhh... You see, I think there's been a sort of misunderstanding..." She gulped nervously.

Week - 364

The Kacheek Club: Gretta's Revenge - Part Two
by jenlin_25
Description: "Ugh, we've been in here for six hours already," complained Bridgette.

Week - 372

The Kacheek Club: Day of Giving Edition - Part One
by jenlin_25
Description: "Is anyone, uh, kinda nervous about the Happy Holidays project?" Bridgette the Faerie Kacheek asked.

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