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Week - 158

by icegirl_sara
Description: "Wow, what high stats. I can;t believe she was dumped here. She'll be a great fighter."

Week - 213

Dying Embers
by icegirl_sara
Description: "Enough!" yelled the teacher, Miss Flame. "Ember, if you cannot conjure a fire by tomorrow, I shall be forced to do something you really don't want me to do."

Week - 274

It Must Be Love
by icegirl_sara
Description: "Look at me just throw money away." She opens her fingers and the little red coin falls, landing with a clatter. "I can't pick up the love I hold for you and just drop it down the sink..."

Week - 292

Running from Dreams
by icegirl_sara
Description: "You abandon me, I abandon you," I said, then continued the climb up the ship's rigging...

Week - 310

by icegirl_sara
Description: Sarasala continued to improve and show love in singing. Icaron never forgot the Faerie, but he wasn't always nice...

Week - 324

Loving Heart
by icegirl_sara
Description: I won't say Talyl and Ravendhi lived happily ever after; they had their arguments. But Talyl knew he had what he needed...

Week - 329

by icegirl_sara
Description: "I think it must be lonely," she said. "The poor light, without any friends..."

Week - 336

Money: Part One
by icegirl_sara
Description: That's the excuse my owner always has, whenever I ask for anything. There's not enough money. We're out of our weekly allowance. It's too expensive...

Week - 337

Money: Part Two
by icegirl_sara
Description: I grin wider, feeling better. Khelyer has had nothing at all spent on her breakfast, and mine could buy a house!

Week - 338

Money: Part Three
by icegirl_sara
Description: I have been living in a perfect dream, and the amazing part is that it's actually reality! My reality. But then sadness tinges my dream. Khelyer's reality. It's my sister who really lives like this, not me...

Week - 360

Some Kind of Superstar: Part One
by icegirl_sara
Description: I've always wanted to be on Neovision. I want people to know my name. I want people to look at my face and instantly think, 'Kristen the Purple Shoyru.'

Week - 361

Some Kind of Superstar: Part Two
by icegirl_sara
Description: Two other Purple Shoyrus are sitting on the sofas. I assume they're also auditioning.

Week - 362

Some Kind of Superstar: Part Three
by icegirl_sara
Description: I walk out of the trailer with the script pages in my hand, clutched like a drowning pet would hold a rope, like a kid would hold a candy bar.

Week - 363

Some Kind of Superstar: Part Four
by icegirl_sara
Description: "Okay..." croaks the Techo, writing something down on a sheet of paper. "Did you study the script?"

Week - 364

Some Kind of Superstar: Part Five
by icegirl_sara
Description: "I got in!" I scream the instant she opens the door.

Week - 365

Some Kind of Superstar: Part Six
by icegirl_sara
Description: According to my schedule, I've got to be up at five, eat breakfast by six, be in the right makeup trailer – and there are at least twenty – by six-fifteen, and from there...

Week - 366

Some Kind of Superstar: Part Seven
by icegirl_sara
Description: I somehow manage to go through makeup, eat breakfast, and get to the set without a hitch. All this week there've been meetings...

Week - 367

Some Kind of Superstar: Part Eight
by icegirl_sara
Description: Seth and I have lunch with Caulfield Lane's 'publicity agent', an Orange Krawk, Sean. He's the guy who takes care of official photo shoots...

Week - 368

Some Kind of Superstar: Part Nine
by icegirl_sara
Description: That interview was a disaster. It's never going to be broadcast and if it was, it would completely cripple my career. Sean's right...

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