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Week - 332

Coconut Eating... Coconuts?!
by achdut
Description: SO tasty!

Week - 349

Shoyrus Love Art Contests. Fact.
by achdut
Description: Every Shoyru loves drawing himself... but are all of them able?

Week - 356

Knick Knack - Space
by pokemon_lunatic
Description: The universe is large...

Art by achdut

Week - 360

Terrible Fugitives Lutaris Destiny?
by achdut
Description: When you pound a Lutari, it runs away... Where do they go?!

Idea by gabyyyh

Week - 362

Some Facts About Draiks...
by achdut
Description: Draiks are some of the cleanest Neopets.

Week - 363

There Just Are Some Lazy Neopets....
by achdut
Description: Zzzz...

Week - 368

Notions and Nonsense
by achdut
Description: Just because it's free, doesn't mean it's cheap!

Also by patjade

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