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Week - 357

Seashells: Part One
by iamcanadian1428
Description: The seashell had been the last gift her mother had given her before that fateful day...

Week - 358

Seashells: Part Two
by iamcanadian1428
Description: "We have to get her out of here," she said at last, and Ulalume looked at her in surprise...

Week - 359

Seashells: Part Three
by iamcanadian1428
Description: "It's just a shell I found on the beach," Samara said, perplexed. "There's nothing special about it."

Week - 360

Seashells: Part Four
by iamcanadian1428
Description: Samara did her best to look miserable as Hareth and Darren led her down a hall and into the prison cells. She didn't really know how she was going to save her mother...

Week - 361

Seashells: Part Five
by iamcanadian1428
Description: "I'm not caught," Samara said stubbornly. "I'm in here by choice. I have to find my mother before I leave."

Week - 362

Seashells: Part Six
by iamcanadian1428
Description: And yet, despite this awful fate, the neopet quietly sang to herself as she worked, as she always did; the five adventurers did not know it, but that neopet was Samara's mother.

Week - 367

The Elements of the Exploring: Part One
by iamcanadian1428
Description: She smiled to herself and sped up, thinking she had won, until suddenly, a cloud of fire appeared before her...

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