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Week - 275

Legacy of the Lost: Part One
by kimssuperanimals
Description: "We two, the last of the Gold and the last of the Darigan, are the only ones to know of this group of islands..."

Week - 276

Legacy of the Lost: Part Two
by kimssuperanimals
Description: All of a sudden, the two pets were pulled upwards out of the water and onto dry land. "All right, let's take a look at how you guys look- OH MY GOODNESS!" Athmica shrieked...

Week - 277

Legacy of the Lost: Part Three
by kimssuperanimals
Description: It was just a short time later when the three were standing in the bows of a ship, enjoying the spray being flung into their faces. Well, two of them were enjoying it, at any rate...

Week - 311

Blue's Way: Part One
by kimssuperanimals
Description: The painted Neopets looked at each other in dismay and confusion. An unpainted pet, speaking with them like he was painted too!

Week - 312

Blue's Way: Part Two
by kimssuperanimals
Description: Fura swallowed hard, and nodded slowly so that Rei could see. Her friend was right. Something fishy was going on...

Week - 313

Blue's Way: Part Three
by kimssuperanimals
Description: Just a few moments later, Rei and Fura were walking through the forest with Blue. They had announced to the Kougra that they would help him, and he had immediately told them what his secret was...

Week - 314

Blue's Way: Part Four
by kimssuperanimals
Description: Blue shook his head. "Oh no. No, we don't have time to go to Neopia Central. I'm just going to have a bit of the Rainbow Pool brought to me..."

Week - 315

Blue's Way: Part Five
by kimssuperanimals
Description: "Now, however, we are stronger than ever before, with an army of ten thousand Neopets! The Defenders of Neopia are no match for our might!"

Week - 316

Blue's Way: Part Six
by kimssuperanimals
Description: "Here, hold these," he said, stacking large boxes into Fura's and Rei's paws. "Finally! Faerie Paint Brushes!"

Week - 317

Blue's Way: Part Seven
by kimssuperanimals
Description: Arabell shot the Wocky a look, which Fura understood plainly. For the safety of the mission, she needed to act like she had been a highborn pet of Faerieland for her entire life...

Week - 318

Blue's Way: Part Eight
by kimssuperanimals
Description: "The DoN headquarters won't send me any backup!" the Kougra growled...

Week - 319

Blue's Way: Part Nine
by kimssuperanimals
Description: "It's not your fault, Blue," she murmured under her breath. As if he could hear her, his ears twitched...

Week - 351

The Return
by kimssuperanimals
Description: A door hidden artfully as part of the wall silently swung open, and the Lupe smoothly slipped inside. The door slowly closed again...

Week - 361

In Short
by kimssuperanimals
Description: I'm liking this!

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