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Week - 325

The Preposterous Professor - Episode 1
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: You never pay attention...

Week - 335

The Class of '08 Part One
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: Starring all of your favourite comic characters!

Week - 336

The Class of '08 Part Two
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: 8 characters. 1 winner...

Week - 337

The Class of '08 Part Three
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: Who will win?

Week - 338

The Class of '08 Part Four
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: It's already time for the third challenge...

Week - 339

The Class of '08 Part Five
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: Careful, Tombstones! She's strong...

Week - 340

The Class of '08 Part Six
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: Your next challenge will involve...

Week - 342

The Class of '08 Part Seven
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: Half of the characters have been banished!

Week - 344

The Class of '08 Part Nine
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: This challenge will be...

Week - 345

The Class of '08 Part Ten
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: I know! I know!

Week - 343

The Class of '08 Part Eight
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: You're a genius!

Week - 346

The Class of '08 Part Eleven
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: I'll give the questions individually...

Week - 347

The Class of '08 Part Twelve
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: Wait, what?

Week - 348

The Class of '08 Part Thirteen
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: The Gym?!

Week - 350

The Class of '08 Part Fifteen
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: Aha!

Week - 349

The Class of '08 Part Fourteen
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: You are required to...

Week - 351

The Class of '08 Part Sixteen
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: Do you know much that ceiling hurt?!

Week - 354

The Class of '08 Part Seventeen
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: Ria still wants revenge!

Week - 358

The Class of '08 Part Eighteen
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: Ria still wants revenge!

Week - 359

The Class of '08 Part Nineteen
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: How will she react?

Week - 360

The Class of '08 Part Twenty
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: Class is over!

Week - 361

The Class of '08 Part Twenty-One
by _dead_meat_x_
Description: Now we hear what the placing contestants thought about The Class of '08!

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