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Week - 304

Kiko Kraziness
by rest_in_boredom
Description: Who ever invented Sponge Kikos?!

Art by pyrosquirrelx

Week - 320

Advanced Chemistry for Beginners
by rest_in_boredom
Description: This Ixi will tell you all you need to know (or maybe one important thing) about this thing called Chemistry for Beginners!

Also by zewq

Week - 338

Conkerberries on the Horizon
by rest_in_boredom
Description: Firecrafter was woken by a bright flash, seen from behind his closed eyelids...

Week - 339

NeoQuest II Madness
by rest_in_boredom
Description: You are attacked by four Haunted Butlers!

Art by yoyote

Week - 357

The Fate of the Lost City of Geraptiku: Part One
by rest_in_boredom
Description: Quiet hissing could be heard in the corridor to his right, and a red glow emanated from the darkness.

Week - 358

The Fate of the Lost City of Geraptiku: Part Two
by rest_in_boredom
Description: He took a cord from his staff. It had a small bone hanging from it. He held it in front of the Hissi...

Week - 359

The Fate of the Lost City of Geraptiku: Part Three
by rest_in_boredom
Description: Princess Nevada's orders were clear in his mind, banning any other thought. Get all the citizens to the Tomb.

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