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Week - 329

The Real Me
by kacheekgirl444
Description: I put on my driest, most annoyed sounding voice and spoke to the Lupe. "Foolish Neopet," I said in a booming voice...

Week - 351

A Yooyuball Story
by kacheekgirl444
Description: Elbin absolutely lived for Yooyuball. All his essays at Neoschool were on the delightful subject of Yooyuball (which his teacher found, after the first nineteen essays, not so delightful anymore)...

Week - 356

A Tale of Two Faeries: Part One
by kacheekgirl444
Description: "Jhudora won't be pleased if you don't even see her letter."

Week - 357

A Tale of Two Faeries: Part Two
by kacheekgirl444
Description: "Sorry, Your Majesty!" squeaked Fin. "I mean, erm, um, sorry, your Illusen-ness, your Supreme Illusen-ship, ma'am. Uh, sorry."

Week - 358

A Tale of Two Faeries: Part Three
by kacheekgirl444
Description: "A very, very long time ago, so long ago I can hardly remember, Jhudora was actually my best friend..."

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