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Week - 291

Wish Upon A Star
by concertogreat_8
Description: It was raining the day Allie first began to wonder about Outside. As the little Zafara stood at the window of her extravagant neohome and stared out at the silvery drops of rain that fell from the fluffy clouds around them, she wondered what it would be like to go outside...

Week - 295

A Series of Suspicious Events: The Meepit-Domination
by concertogreat_8
Description: I snuck a glance at Graciella, who was sitting by the window. Sure enough, she was staring straight at me...

Week - 303

Ceasarini Angelini
by concertogreat_8
Description: "I like potatoes," Ceasarini Angelini told him cheerfully. "I wanted to grow my own..."

Week - 304

The Fabulous Guide to Being a Cool Poor Neopian
by concertogreat_8
Description: What a lot of people and pets fail to realize is that being poor can be just as cool as being rich. I mean, the real reason people want to be rich is to feel special and proud, right?

Week - 310

The Adventure
by concertogreat_8
Description: "Yes," I answered, annoyed that she would bother me for such a stupid question. "Now be quiet. I'm trying to read a book..."

Week - 311

How You Look At It
by concertogreat_8
Description: "I have decided that it's time to get another pet..."

Week - 314

The Shenkuu Teahouse
by concertogreat_8
Description: "Open a restaurant?" Emperor Basdin was shocked and horrified. "My dear daughter, you are a princess! How could you ever think of such a thing?"

Week - 316

Just for Leo
by concertogreat_8
Description: Dri lets him have the only swing just one more time. The yellow Kougra laughs as he swings high, higher than Dri...

Week - 318

A Series of Suspicious Events: The Baby Sister Crime
by concertogreat_8
Description: I could sit in relative shade. I had added the final touch: a sign which read: Chloe's Lemonade Stand and Detective Services...

Week - 320

A Neovision Film
by concertogreat_8
Description: "But you just found the perfect actor for Jenny!" Taite cried, looking alarmed. "And the producer, Mr. Biswald, called this morning to say he would up the budget to fifteen million neopoints!"

Week - 324

Pirate Curse: Part One
by concertogreat_8
Description: The door burst open quite suddenly, and Tamzin screamed. A shadow leaped across the few feet to Tamzin's narrow cot...

Week - 325

Pirate Curse: Part Two
by concertogreat_8
Description: "We'll reach the Haunted Woods by tomorrow," Bart offered suddenly. He fidgeted with the ruffle on his shirt collar. "Then ye can break the Curse and go home..."

Week - 326

Pirate Curse: Part Three
by concertogreat_8
Description: What drew Tamzin's attention was the large black cauldron in the very center of the room. "It won't hurt you, girl," Sophie said...

Week - 329

The Valentine's Day of Dr. Frank Sloth
by concertogreat_8
Description: So what does Dr. Frank Sloth do when he wakes up on Valentine's Day morn?

Week - 338

Forever Blue
by concertogreat_8
Description: Everything was blue: the ocean, the sky, some days I even fancied the sun had turned blue. Frowning, I turned my back on my ship...

Week - 336

Neoschools: The Why
by concertogreat_8
Description: So TNT has finally released Neoschools. We all knew it would happen eventually. But why now?

Week - 346

Life of a Plushie
by concertogreat_8
Description: I didn't know what 'going out of business' meant, but perhaps it meant something good, even though the Mynci thought not, because after that people streamed in and out of our store constantly...

Week - 351

Pirate Lady: Part One
by concertogreat_8
Description: The Lupess stood motionless, her slender paws resting gently on the rail, her chestnut curls blowing in the wind. Beneath her, the white foam of the vessel's wake spread far out into the blue-green waters of the ocean...

Week - 352

Pirate Lady: Part Two
by concertogreat_8
Description: "If the stories are true, and her little schooner is so fast it can't be caught by anyone, how did one of our great lugging man-o'-wars, fully loaded, catch her?"

Week - 353

Pirate Lady: Part Three
by concertogreat_8
Description: It had been a sore blow to her pride to tell King Hagan she had no choice in the matter; Captain Tamzin Herner had a choice in everything...

Week - 354

Pirate Lady: Part Four
by concertogreat_8
Description: "I guess it'll be my first time aboard a ship, huh?"

Week - 355

Pirate Lady: Part Five
by concertogreat_8
Description: Tamzin breathed in a deep lungful of salty air, and let it out again in a laugh as she leaned far out over the railing of the crow's nest.

Week - 356

Pirate Lady: Part Six
by concertogreat_8
Description: The former pirate had been distant with them, it was true, but wasn't it really Ari who had started the whole thing?

Week - 349

Casper and the 350 Avatar: Part One
by concertogreat_8
Description: Casper Philippe Crandel Beaumont del Montmorency the white Weewoo had no doubts. He knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up...

Also by flying_tree

Week - 350

Casper and the 350 Avatar: Part Two
by concertogreat_8
Description: Casper would normally have given her quite a lecture on so called 'wild' petpets and show her how a real star acted, but...

Also by flying_tree

Week - 358

by concertogreat_8
Description: Natty sometimes imagines she can remember the sun. What it feels like, warm and soft, on her skin.

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