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Week - 298

Stocks: A Board Game, Not a Game of Chance
by mookie99
Description: To do well with stocks, there are three Ps (and one V) you need to follow: pocket money, pricing, patience, and variety.

Week - 312

Neopian Economics
by mookie99
Description: Where do neopoints come from? How are they used? Where do they go?

Week - 324

Keeping Your New Year's Resolution
by mookie99
Description: The first (and most important) step is deciding on a goal.

Week - 328

An Analysis of the Neopian Economy
by mookie99
Description: Roughly a tenth of the population has half of the neopoints. How did these people get so rich?

Week - 330

Sloth and Jelly
by mookie99
Description: He had done it all. He had changed Random Theme Wednesday to Random Acts of Evil Wednesday, he had created his own Neovision show, he had turned Terror Mountain into a giant slushie…

Week - 334

Surviving the Plot Madness
by mookie99
Description: Plots are composed of three basic elements: puzzles, wars, and prizes. Each of these elements has a profound effect on Neopia, and many changes come as a result of them.

Week - 336

Mrs. Owen's First Day
by mookie99
Description: She had been looking forward to this job her whole life. Many years ago, when Neoschool was first announced, she had been chosen to be the grammar and language teacher...

Week - 338

Note to Sloth
by mookie99
Description: Gloom and doom go hand in hand.

Week - 340

Sloth and Meepits
by mookie99
Description: Sloth scowled. A month ago, he had finally escaped the monotony and boredom of being the Supreme Overlord of Neopia...

Week - 356

Economics Revisited
by mookie99
Description: If a single Neopoint is earned by playing games, it's spent nearly a hundred times.

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