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Week - 334

The Petitorials: Painting Puzzlers
by amiyumifan96
Description: Painting your pets. Everyone's doing it!

Week - 342

Becoming King Skarl: Part One
by amiyumifan96
Description: Abby sighed. She hated her job as advisor. The only reason she was here looking after some lazy Skeith was...

Week - 343

Becoming King Skarl: Part Two
by amiyumifan96
Description: It all was perfectly clear! Abby could come disguised as King Skarl, and no one would notice!

Week - 344

Becoming King Skarl: Part Three
by amiyumifan96
Description: Hagan cleared his throat. "I merely wanted to suggest that the Castle of Meridell should be reconstructed, to fit more modern needs..."

Week - 345

Becoming King Skarl: Part Four
by amiyumifan96
Description: A guard that had recently arrived stepped forward. "King, I know this may sound harsh, but we are required to seize intruding imposters at once..."

Week - 351

The Petitorials: Neohome Nags
by amiyumifan96
Description: You don't know what to do about your Tonu's bedroom? Your Wocky complains about the furniture you have chosen for her? Don't worry...

Week - 349

by amiyumifan96
Description: Fyora gasped. "No, this cannot be. Is it that time already?"

Week - 355

Summer's Stories: My First Mystery - Part One
by amiyumifan96
Description: A noise made my four ears perk up. It was the sound of a door being opened.

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