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Week - 171

Disco Fever
by bitsy_dj
Description: Ivy was a disco-painted Ixi that lived on the island. From the moment Neil saw her, he thought she was the prettiest Neopet in all Neopia. They had become good friends, but Neil always felt very shy around her.

Week - 170

Love, Mr. Scary
by bitsy_dj
Description: Little did Sally's parents know that Fluffy wasn't an imaginary friend. He was the creature Sally had found in their barn. The creature that had devoured the farmers' crops and produce. He was the creature Sally called "Mr. Scary."

Week - 269

Hissi, Come Blow Your Horn!: Part One
by bitsy_dj
Description: Maestro and Histopher looked to see Satch with his face pressed up against the glass case containing the item of his dreams: a shiny, silver trumpet. The tiny Hissi's tail beat the floor happily as he looked at his dad with shining eyes...

Week - 270

Hissi, Come Blow Your Horn!: Part Two
by bitsy_dj
Description: When Satch entered the diner, the room suddenly grew quiet as customers stopped eating to look at him. He waved shyly, but was greeted with odd looks. Apparently, Hissies weren't that common among Neopets yet...

Week - 271

Hissi, Come Blow Your Horn!: Part Three
by bitsy_dj
Description: I'm really scared about the contest, Dad. If this thing is sponsored by Neotunes studio, then they might feel the same about Hissies as Miss Malba did. I don't want the Jazz Tones to lose because of me...

Week - 272

Hissi, Come Blow Your Horn!: Part Four
by bitsy_dj
Description: Satch stood in the doorway with his trumpet case and suitcase at his side. He had a forlorn expression on his face as his tail twitched nervously behind him. "Hey, guys. I just wanted to come and say goodbye..."

Week - 273

Hissi, Come Blow Your Horn!: Part Five
by bitsy_dj
Description: Satch quietly practiced his fingerings as the last strands of Two Minute Warning's song played. The Jazz Tones were able to get in one more practice before heading to the arena for the contest, so they were as ready as they'd ever be...

Week - 347

Boiling Point
by bitsy_dj
Description: "What's wrong, Whiskers?" he cooed softly. "Skip your nap this morning? Why don't you just give up? You're clearly exhausted..."

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