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Week - 203

No N00bs is Good N00bs
by summerschilde
Description: It's the latest fashion, I tell you.

Week - 208

No n00bs is good n00bs
by summerschilde
Description: Ahh, the joys of Fall.

Week - 210

No n00bs is good n00bs
by summerschilde
Description: Buried in a pile of scarabs?

Week - 215

Neohome for the Holidays
by summerschilde
Description: Decorating your Neohome for the season is a real blast, especially when it comes to the latter half of the year. Both indoors and outdoors, your Neohome can be the perfect canvas for showing off your Seasonal Style.

Week - 217

No n00bs is good n00bs
by summerschilde
Description: Hurry, quick!

Week - 272

Neopian New Year Resolutions
by summerschilde
Description: There are articles about what’s the best gift to give to Frank Sloth and how to make a Kiko snowman (a hint, you only need to roll one snowball). I’m looking a little bit further ahead, though, for soon after the holidays is the turning to a New Year and that means it’s time to sit down and think about your Neopian New Year Resolutions.

Week - 318

Sour Grapes!
by summerschilde
Description: Challenges are what give achievements worth.

Week - 321

Rain, Rain, Go Away!
by summerschilde
Description: Something has happened!

Written by pudao

Week - 322

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Part II
by summerschilde
Description: Great hat!

Week - 326

Gormless Wonder
by summerschilde
Description: Splat!

Written by geneames1

Week - 328

The One that Got Away!
by summerschilde
Description: Quick, throw it back!

Written by geneames1

Week - 345

The New Kid
by geneames1
Description: "I guess it must be tough being new and all, so I'll just call you Noob, okay? It's nice to have a nickname..."

Also by summerschilde

Week - 346

Over Loaded
by summerschilde
Description: Wow.

Written by geneames1

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