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Week - 292

In an Eggshell
by dark_slammer
Description: For over a year, I've been waiting and waiting for those few words that she's just spit out. Ever since that dreaded day. The BOOCHI day...

Week - 299

by flame_shadow_
Description: Mummy... lied?

Also by dark_slammer

Week - 300

A Game of Potato Counter
by aexium
Description: An easy game, by all accounts.

Idea by dark_slammer

Week - 303

Doodle: Customization Fun
by flame_shadow_
Description: Customization has its problems...

Clever idea by dark_slammer

Week - 311

by flame_shadow_
Description: One random moment...

Super Sweet Idea by dark_slammer

Week - 327

The Other Side of the Rainbow
by dark_slammer
Description: I looked up and saw hundreds and hundreds of these miserable creatures scattered all over the land. I knew suddenly we weren't in some neopoint-filled paradise; we had arrived in Roo Island...

Also written by scenette

Week - 326

A Perfect Mismatch
by flame_shadow_
Description: A Maraquan Pet and a Fire petpet. What a perfect match.

Idea by dark_slammer

Week - 330

Just One Wish
by dark_slammer
Description: 'GET YOUR BAKERY ITEMS HERE!' bellowed a red Elephante...

Also by devil_in_a_red_dress

Week - 342

Birthday Present Blunders
by dark_slammer
Description: Here's your birthday present.

Art by dark_moon_blossom

Week - 345

Pet Peeves
by dark_slammer
Description: You'd think exactly the same as what I thought. That the big, tremulous moment that you'd been waiting half a year for was finally going to happen...

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