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Week - 239

Never Get Mad
by 4zure
Description: Don't get mad. Get even.

Week - 267

The Wise Man and the Fool
by 4zure
Description: "Y'know, the Techo Master has this saying..."

Week - 272

Neo's Law
by 4zure
Description: However, there are also the unwritten rules; these are just as daunting as those set before us in easy-to-read vernacular. You know they're there but rarely ever give them much mind. And whenever your thoughts are directed to the topic, it's usually in exasperation...

Week - 282

The Grass is Much Greener
by 4zure
Description: "Sweet Fyora!" he cried, slapping the water in exasperation. He laid his ears back and glowered at the specks of pink, purple, and orange that dotted the waves. His waves...

Week - 283

Heavy Mental
by 4zure
Description: Dignity, thy enemy is the air guitar.

Week - 316

Heavy Mental
by 4zure
Description: Never turn your back on the ocean. Like, ever.

Week - 333

Neo's Law II
by 4zure
Description: You know they exist but rarely think about 'em... until one suddenly decides to enforce itself.

Week - 343

A Tale of Two Islands
by 4zure
Description: Don't get me wrong, here. I liked Lutari Island fine. I was just getting tired of the same fog every day...

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