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Week - 222

Lucky Misfortune
by scarletspindle
Description: That wasn't what I had in mind.

Week - 236

Trigger Happy- Issue 1
by scarletspindle
Description: Well, what about now?

Week - 242

Trigger Happy
by scarletspindle
Description: Some things should be left unsaid.

Week - 323

Random Babble
by scarletspindle
Description: You really like my garland, right?

Week - 327

The Faerie Blues
by scarletspindle
Description: "Whyyyyyyyy?!" she shrieked mournfully, throwing herself back down onto the pillow...

Week - 328

Comet Trails
by scarletspindle
Description: It had only been for a brief moment, but she could have sworn that she had glimpsed something streaking brightly across the sky...

Week - 329

Random Babble
by scarletspindle
Description: I also love flowers!

Week - 330

Random Babble Valentine's Day Edition
by scarletspindle
Description: Awww...

Week - 334

Wicked in the Woods: Part One
by scarletspindle
Description: Her head whipped from side to side, looking in vain for her pursuers. All she knew was they were coming...

Week - 335

Wicked in the Woods: Part Two
by scarletspindle
Description: The Uni made her way towards the wheel, the whole while trying to find the Kougra from a distance. When she finally did see him, however, it became apparent...

Week - 336

Wicked in the Woods: Part Three
by scarletspindle
Description: As the Werelupe guard lumbered over to where Garith and Wrey lay hidden in the bushes, a feeling of dread washed over them...

Week - 337

Wicked in the Woods: Part Four
by scarletspindle
Description: "You know him? How could you know the Werelupe King?"

Week - 338

Teaching Misery
by scarletspindle
Description: "Today is Grey Day." The Eyrie gave a disdainful snort and sighed. "So you're ruining the festive atmosphere..."

Week - 342

by scarletspindle
Description: Honey potion!!!

Idea by noob

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Idea by noob

by scarletspindle


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