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Week - 338

The Lost Tomb of Coltzan: Part One
by paintedpets4ever
Description: Was it real? Was it a myth? If it was somehow true, then why had it not been found before? Was there a curse?

Week - 339

The Lost Tomb of Coltzan: Part Two
by paintedpets4ever
Description: "Um, Jynifer? When are we going to stop to drink? We really need to soon, if we ever want to reach the tomb of Coltzan." He paused, then muttered under his breath, "If the blasted tomb even EXISTS..."

Week - 340

The Lost Tomb of Coltzan: Part Three
by paintedpets4ever
Description: Helyn the Angelpuss flew across the desert as fast as her tiny wings could carry her...

Week - 341

The Lost Tomb of Coltzan: Part Four
by paintedpets4ever
Description: He squinted ahead in the receding light. It looked like the tunnel was growing smaller up ahead...

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