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Week - 297

Interview with a Meepit
by crazy_monkey_luver_3
Description: Its blank stare makes even Dr. Frank Sloth shiver... its pink complexion makes the Pant Devil curl up under the covers and cower in terror...

Also by raizindaroof

Week - 291

An Illusion Spun: Part One
by raizindaroof
Description: It was desolate -- completely, utterly, and totally empty. There were no beach chairs, no lifeguards, no sand castles, no pets swimming in the crystal-clear waters. It was as if Cherry was the only pet in the world...

Week - 292

An Illusion Spun: Part Two
by raizindaroof
Description: "There's a Mootix buzzing around here. I figured we could fry it." Her eyes traveled to the pile of logs that was obviously lacking in fire-building quality. "If we get a fire going, that is..."

Week - 293

An Illusion Spun: Part Three
by raizindaroof
Description: They had scoured the island with a treasure hunter's eye, searching for anything that could help them escape this island -- because in whose wildest dreams did four pets wind up on a forgotten speck in the middle of the sea, unable to remember how exactly they had gotten there?

Week - 294

An Illusion Spun: Part Four
by raizindaroof
Description: "What are you talking about?" Karik demanded. He had dropped the coconut and was standing above her, breathing heavily, looking bewildered and slightly wild-eyed...

Week - 295

An Illusion Spun: Part Five
by raizindaroof
Description: Cherry blinked in the sudden blinding light. Her body felt stiff, as if she hadn't moved in days. She had been struck with a pounding headache, and she groaned inwardly, though outwardly, she was incapable of producing a single sound. Where am I?

Week - 296

An Illusion Spun: Part Six
by raizindaroof
Description: She darted through the opening, tensed, her paws in front of her, ready for action. But Rhina, the malicious faerie bent on world domination, was nowhere to be found...

Week - 323

A Christmas Gift
by raizindaroof
Description: "I hate the spelling bee," whispered Kaz behind his cupped paw as Jimmy reeled off the spelling...

Week - 335

Backfire!: Part One
by raizindaroof
Description: Jhudora sighed deeply, drumming her fingers on the armrest of her throne, clearly annoyed. "Another prank, I assume..."

Week - 336

Backfire!: Part Two
by raizindaroof
Description: The jacket nearly dropped, but he grabbed it up just in time, cursing his sister under his breath. The necklace slipped out of the pocket and onto the floor...

Week - 337

Backfire!: Part Three
by raizindaroof
Description: Her twin brother tried to explain. "You're not looking at the big picture. Tay's expecting some huge, overblown prank -- she won't be suspecting..."

Week - 338

Backfire!: Part Four
by raizindaroof
Description: "How much longer until--?" gasped Redsy. He didn't have to finish...

Week - 339

Backfire!: Part Five
by raizindaroof
Description: "You know, I may not even need my cunning deceit to take over the world from the shadows," Jhudora mused, stifling laughter. "I'll just unleash you and your siblings upon the unsuspecting world, and that would be that..."

Week - 340

Backfire!: Part Six
by raizindaroof
Description: "But Kizzy covered for me!" Redsy shouted. "If she'd told Kaz the truth, he would've tried to get revenge on me instead of Tay and Asha!"

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