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Week - 223

The Obsidian Dagger
by neesboy
Description: He slipped down from his perch on a rooftop, and edged down a small alley. He moved from shadow to shadow...

Week - 241

Glass Stone
by neesboy
Description: The Obsidian Dagger was the thorn in the side of the rich, but no hero of the poor. One person profited from what he did, and he was the one doing it...

Week - 268

The Last Real Fake Magician
by neesboy
Description: Staggering back, he looked at what, or rather who, he'd run into. It was a red Shoyru in a black silk top hat and cape...

Week - 277

I Don't Play Cheat
by neesboy
Description: I don't play Cheat any more. I used to all the time. It's, in my opinion, the best game ever to grace Neopia. But I stopped a long time ago. There's actually a bit of a story to that...

Week - 284

How to Be a Rich Neopian Without Doing Anything
by neesboy
Description: This guide is a little different. It explains how to be a passively rich Neopian. It is possible to break a million neopoints without playing games all day long. That's what we all want, isn't it?

Week - 303

Arx Hallex
by qazfan
Description: Poor paper petpet...

Co-authored by neesboy

Week - 310

Of Heroes, Heroics, and Other Such Things
by neesboy
Description: Effri glanced at the front page, and then absent-mindedly made up the promised coffee. A theft at the Art Gallery...

Also by qazfan

Week - 317

Heroing How-To
by neesboy
Description: The Defenders are always looking for brave new recruits to take on the mask and mantle of a hero.

Week - 338

Arx Hallex
by qazfan
Description: Comic relief strikes again.

Co-authored by neesboy

Week - 340

Research and Development
by neesboy
Description: It was well known that the vast majority stock holder in Virtupets had always been Doctor Frank Sloth. Never anything that could be proved, of course...

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