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Week - 249

For Juggling and Glory
by visorak_commander
Description: Ah, Jolly Jugglers, the game that gives "Look before you leap" a new meaning.

Week - 260

Storm Center: Cyodrake's Gaze
by visorak_commander
Description: Eye of the Storm is an extremely easy puzzle game, needing a bit of luck for some parts of it. You see, the Gaze is under one of the two hundred and forty tiles on the game board, along with its crew and a few special tiles thrown in just for fun. This guide will show you just how easy the game is, the different ways that you can play it, how you can win it and what does what.

Week - 294

Common Misconceptions: Dark Faeries
by visorak_commander
Description: It is commonly and mistakenly assumed that almost every single Dark Faerie in Neopia is an evil, villainous, conspiring maniac out to doom Neopia.

Week - 312

Common Misconceptions: The Snowager
by visorak_commander
Description: Why do people rob the Snowager?

Week - 315

Common Misconceptions: The Brain Tree
by visorak_commander
Description: Yes, he's mean and ugly, but that's beside the point; he's mean because nobody likes him, and nobody likes him because he's mean. It's a vicious cycle..

Week - 323

by kevinlin1216
Description: Did you know?

Also by visorak_commander

Week - 334

The Whittleman Expedition
by visorak_commander
Description: Earlier this day we finally found Professor Jiggens, feasting on some tropical fruit found in the trees nearby; his clothes are terribly torn and filthy, but he seems to be in quite the excellent mood!

Week - 337

Homemade Spaghetti
by visorak_commander
Description: Grum, on the other hand, was for once silent. He was staring at his dinner with only his usual grimace, silently turning his spoon over in the mush...

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