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Week - 258

Vampire Flowers
by rainbow_mist_wave
Description: What are they doing? Pansy wondered. Her Lenny neighbors were new and she knew nothing about them or what they were up to...

Also by elvenmirror24

Week - 317

Horseradish and Shrink Rays
by rainbow_mist_wave
Description: "I have forgotten to water my garden," she proclaimed with a grand gesture towards the ceiling...

Week - 324

The Qasalan Expellibox
by rainbow_mist_wave
Description: "You know what, Jeff?" I said as I settled into my stall, "I'm really sick of this whole thing..."

Week - 325

by rainbow_mist_wave
Description: I've been Ylana Skyfire ever since. That's what everyone knows me as, fears me as, and respects me as. That's what Doctor Sloth addresses me as...

Week - 336

A Way for the Willing
by rainbow_mist_wave
Description: She had already solved the first problem in her mind, but she hesitated before she put it down on the paper. What if... what if she got a C too? Would that solve things?

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