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Week - 159

40 Things You Didn't Know About Sloth
by kittygirl5170
Description: 1: Sloth’s secret best friend is Illusen.

Week - 164

Pumpkin Patch Panic
by comedian872001
Description: Jack-o-Lanterns Made Here

Week - 170

Christmas Virtues
by kittygirl5170
Description: How our Christmas is really celebrated...

Week - 280

Standing Up
by kittygirl5170
Description: "First day of school!" The Flotsam slithered out of bed ungracefully and out into the hall, nearly knocking over a coat rack...

Also by extreme_fj0rd

Week - 282

Super Chel: Part One
by kittygirl5170
Description: "We're all going to be late. Mom, she's just a little kid. Let her wear it. No one ever was ruined by wearing a cape once..."

Week - 283

Super Chel: Part Two
by kittygirl5170
Description: Chel stared at Eric. He was a boy. She was a girl. If she went up to him to try to become friends she'd be an outcast. There would be endless teasing by Isabella, Chel's best friend, and the other girls. But on the other hand, he wanted to be a super hero...

Week - 284

Super Chel: Part Three
by kittygirl5170
Description: Chel took off her cape and stuffed it in her backpack. Eric wasn't wearing his cape either. The plan couldn't be carried out until later...

Week - 283

The Journal of a Moody Faerie
by birdinggal
Description: It's not even 8:00 yet, and already I've given out more prizes in two hours than I usually give out in one day...

Also by kittygirl5170

Week - 285

Faerie Wars: Which Side To Choose?
by kittygirl5170
Description: Well, the Neopets Team has introduced their newest plot, and I'll be Sloth if it's not the most intense one yet. The faeries, the most powerful citizens of Neopia, have engaged in a war of the direst consequences...

Week - 289

True Story
by kittygirl5170
Description: "An air faerie came out of nowhere and handed me a fire paint brush and a million neopoints." A few of the onlookers gasped. "True story," Blake confirmed...

Week - 300

The Number Three Hundred
by kittygirl5170
Description: Of course Issue Three of the Neopian Times was the easiest to find. In fact, some people begged us to take their copy...

Week - 305

Sloth's New Plan
by kittygirl5170
Description: Grundos were useless, Sloth thought as he entered the storage room. Boxes were thrown without organization, wherever it was easiest...

Also by extreme_fj0rd

Week - 298

Team Spirit
by kittygirl5170
Description: Foltaggio approached the other members of the Haunted Woods' team and said the necessary congratulations to look polite, and to show his team spirit...

Week - 308

The Court Dancer’s Letters
by kittygirl5170
Description: Any trip that allows me to dance is a good trip. You know me and how much I love to dance, Mama...

Week - 311

by dan4884
Description: And people called him a Gormball Legend? Fat chance. So when I heard that this was his last year of competing...

Also by kittygirl5170

Week - 336

A Confused Neopian's Guide to Buying Neoschool Items
by kittygirl5170
Description: You need to find the perfect school outfit, decide what classes you want your pets to take, and find school supplies...

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